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Pet Servals – Pet tip 208

There are millions and millions of cat lovers across North America and this is because cats make great pets. In general they are easier to take care of than dogs and much more independent than dogs. They are normally affectionate, cuddly, cute, they don’t eat that much and they don’t put too many demands on their owners. In terms of pleasing our human senses, house cats come in different breeds with different shapes, colours, fur lengths and personalities. But what if you want something a little different, more unique? What if you want a different type of cat, maybe a much larger cat? If you have a flair for the exotic you might consider getting a serval.

Servals are slowly becoming more popular as pets. Servals look like cheetahs but they are much smaller. They typically weigh anywhere from 20-40 pounds depending on their sex (males are heavier) and ancestry. Their body length is anywhere from 2-3 feet and they are about 2 feet tall. The come from Africa and still roam wild in many rural places. They are also slowly starting to become more known as house-pets but they are still quite rare and not for everyone.

Holly Terrick
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
May 1, 1995
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Grey white, and brown
Eye Colour:

is my 'pet me' position

this is my pet Cuddles. The way I came to meet Cuddles is my boyfriend
went to the SPCA and adopted her and she was my surprise. We had always
talked about adopting from the SPCA since they are a great
organization and we have always talked about adopting an adult cat,
since kittens usually get adopted first and hardly no one usually thinks
about adopting a older animal.
In my case we thought the opposite. We thought what a great idea to
adopt a adult cat to give it a second chance at life and since my boyfriend
Yvon adopted Cuddles it has been the best
gift I could have received. Cuddles will be 7 in May we did not now
her exact birthday so we made her birthday the day my boyfriend brought
her home.
But we don't need to celebrate just on her birthday we celebrated and
cherish each day we have her.
personalities include sleeping in her cat bed, eating her food, sleeping
when she feels like it or just like her name says cuddles loves to cuddle.
She also loves play time with mom, and she loves her special treat once
and a while which includes tuna!!! If I am cooking she will have to
be the taster. She also is a night crawler who has to now what is going
on and she has to be the first to find things.
has three younger brothers rich includes a German shepherd par Akita
brother named Tanker who just came to realize that Cuddles is the boss
and what she says goes.
Then there is Sampson her other brother dog who is a purebred English
pointer and who also realizes you don't step in Cuddles's territory
unless she lets you.
there is Lightning
her younger cat brother who she was not to impressed when we adopted
him but she is starting to realize she thinks she is in
control so it makes her happy and the other pets don't seem to mind.
In reality Cuddles is quite the character but she is a wonderful pet
and in her mind I now she would say thank you for adopting me from the
SPCA and showing me love but would probably respond to her animal friends
that she still rules ha ha!!
you for letting me take the time to tell you about my wonderful pet
cat Cuddles.

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