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How cute is Lucky?

His current rating is 3.85 out of 5 with 13 vote(s).

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All about Lucky

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Sarah Sch
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
House cat
Date of Birth:
June 20
Coat Colour:
Black and white
Eye Colour:

word to describe me...uhhh cute!!!
Lucky is extremely cute to
me. He has a black coat with a white chest, and it looks like he steeped
in white paint. Because his feet are like little white boots.
Its too cute! Plus his long whiskers are white, it's just the mix of the
colours that make him look so cute.
Lucky's favorite toy is a mouse and ice cubes. Lucky likes to have people
miss their cups when it is ice that they are trying to get in. Because
he likes
shooting ice cubes around the house. When he was little he used to come
running every time we got ice from the ice freezer.
Lucky has a few weird habits
too, for example ok my mom has this blanket and it has little woolen ties
on it and each night Lucky comes and sucks on the ties. Its
quite odd. Some times Lucky talks to my mom. Its hard to describe why
he does it. But when he does it its like 'hi Lucky!' says mom MRRRRRRR!
Lucky. Then she will ask him a question and he will answer in his own
Some times my mom knows what
he's saying.

Lucky's cat friend is Indy

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