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Tammy Getz
Province, Country:
PA, United States
Jack Russell Terrier
Date of Birth:
September 19, 2001
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Dark brown

Hi, My name is SADIE!
I am a very lovable girl, I love to play "RABBIT", any stuffed toy is a "RABBIT" and I will play tug of war with you for hours if you let me, I never have a chance to win but they let me alot of the time.  I love to burrow under the covers of the bed and cuddle next to mommie and sleep,  I think I am a big dog and defend my treats and food from the other 2 dogs we have and they are many times my size, but I  don't care, I go after them!  I also LOVE my mommy,  My daddy bought me for 50 dollars from a private breeder and because I was not white in color I was let go for alot less then my brothers or sisters.  Best 50 dollars we ever spent,  Mommie says! I am loved very much! I like to play fetch too, but then I will take the ball and hide it so they have to go and find it, and when they do, I take off down the hall in anticipation of them  throwing it to get a head start on catching it!  I love to chase anything that moves! Small animals, squarrels and such.  I also love to terrorize our cats as alot of jack russells do.   I found a great home! and I love my family.
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