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Theresa Anderson
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
West Highland Terrier
Date of Birth:
December 6, 2001
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Amber Brown

Hello,Gus here!  My owner, Theresa, is very nice to me.  I like to play hide-and-seek with her...in the snow of course.  I dislike fancy things, people always say "Shoe!" and push me off.  I guess they want me to chew up their shoes then...but when I try, they chase me away!  Strange things, people are...well, anyways.  My favorite toy is a tennis ball...to play fetch and to chew on.  I like to lounge in a little thingie like a cough (but I'm allowed on) in the den.  It's my favoreite place!  I haven't had an embarrassing moment yet, so I can't tell you anything!  My most cherished membory is being alone...and able to sit on the couch until somebody pushes me off (once again).  So, I hope you learned a bit about me, and me sure to come back-I update it at least once every 2 days.  Bye, and remember pups, DON'T GO O COUCHES UNLESS YOUR ALONE!  Or you could get into trouble....hehehe....

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