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How cute is Nugget!?

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All about Nugget!

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How Old is My Cat – Guessing a cat’s age – Pet tip 201

When people adopt a new cat or are thinking about buying a cat they often want to know how old that cat is. If the cat is a kitten this is usually easy. The original owner should know how old the kitten was or if you bring the kitten to a veterinarian, the vet should be able to tell how old the kitten is with a reasonable degree of accuracy. If good records were kept from kitten-hood or previous adoptions, again this is an easy task. The problem occurs when you are considering getting an adult cat whose age and/or history are unknown.

Esther Nairn
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
Domestic SH
Date of Birth:
Coat Colour:
Orange & White
Eye Colour:

What's up! My name's Nugget and my mum adopted me from Toronto Cat Rescue. She was fostering me at first but I made her fall in love with me. Someone wanted to adopt me but my mum couldn't stand to let me go so we made it official. We've been together for about a year and a half and she still needs to hug and kiss me all the time, but I put up with her.
I'm not allowed outside but I do enjoy hunting ants and dismembering fur mouse toys. My favourite toy was a plastic cockroach, but I chased it under the stove one day so that's where it lives now.
My favourite place to hang out is the tub. Sometimes I drink out of the toilet but that makes my dad unhappy. I don't think my mum has ever said the word 'no' to me.
My mum thinks that some boys must have been mean to me before I was rescued, because I don't like men. When my dad first moved in with us I refused to come out from under the bed for a week! But I couldn't get rid of him, so I learned to put up with him even though he's really jealous of me. My mum tried to explain to him that unless he grows a luxurious fur coat like mine, he's not going to get as much snuggles. Anyway, I discovered he gives expert tummy rubs so we're best friends now.
I eat special food after my mum freaked out when I had to stay at the vet's one night because of my bladder. That's okay - I love my crunchies! I don't really care for treats except tuna juice - I won't eat the meat, but I sure love the juice from the can, which I drink like a soup. Yum!

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