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Jocelyn M
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
July 1 2000
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Jasper (A.K.A. Yee) is an angel sent from heaven. He is a very well-mannered cat who goes with the flow. He has been cursed with a horrible severe oral disease called Lymphocytic-Plasmacytis Gingivitis Stomatitis that has forced the action of teeth extraction, and yet he remains happy and enjoys life to the fullest! Which makes him a wonderful cat and worth all the money in the world to make him happy.
Jasper enjoys laying on his daddy's computer monitor and occasionally will help him play a game or two. He enjoys playing with his string-on-a-stick which is kept on mommy's nightstand, and races her to bed for some playtime before sleep.
Jasper will occationally have his momments when he must be hyper and run about but he never goes out of control and can keep his cool when he wants too. Sometimes Jasper is so fast he's like lightening, he zips in front of you before you have a chance to avoid him in mid step...We call him zippy when he does that!
Being on medication, Jasper is hungry almost of the time but that's ok because we don't mind feeding him his canned food or baby food whenever he wants it. He just has to fight Peanut for it each time because she will eat anything in sight if he doesn't get to it first. He also needs us to sit with him when he eats because how rude would it be for us to leave his dinner table while he's eating? If we walk away, Jasper will follow and not eat so we stay to reassure him that he can do it! Again, we don't mind because it's Jasper! Our sweet little guy! 
Jasper doesn't like to be held too long but when he is being held, he loves to rub on noses and chins, it's a welcoming nudge along with a purr that melts your heart! If I were to predict who would win the best cat companion in the world award, I would definately have to say it would be going to this lil guy for his kind soul and love for any life form around him. He would win it hands down, wouldn't you agree? ;)


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