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Jocelyn M
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Long Haired Tabby
Date of Birth:
April 10, 1992
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

We have had Kitty (A.K.A Pooz) for 11 years now. She likes to keep to herself but comes running when there is a string-on-a-stick in sight or smells canned tuna. Kitty is very mature and smart. She understands us when we talk to her, like when we tell her she is pretty and kiss her on the head, she will purr. Or when we have her in a humiliating position (i.e putting a hat on her) and we start to laugh, she will growl as if to say "Leave me alone or else!" it's just another thing that makes her personality to be funny. Kitty loves to sleep on anything in sight and enjoys going out onto the balcony for some fresh air, as she is strictly an indoor cat. She loves rubbing on feet and purring really loud in the morning when we first get up as if to "I missed you". She loves her grandmother and peaks up when she hears she voice. Kitty is not too fond of other cats and tends to either hiss at them or hides under the bed until they are gone. "Shadows" is also her favorite game where we get a flashlight and shine it on the wall and she watches it intensely. Being a few pounds overweight she is not very active anymore but sure is curious when we are clean out things from the closet. Kitty is my baby and I will always love her no matter what how many times she growls at me for hugging her, she doesn't like to cuddle but I'm hoping one of these days she will give in and take it.

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