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Amy Watson
Not Provided
Province, Country:
CO, United States
Border Collie Mix
Date of Birth:
Spring 2002
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Yeah, I am a clever dog and I know it. Plus I overheard my "mom" telling that to my daycare provider. I was in obedience school and learned some manners but I am determined not to follow quite everything I was taught.....you can never lose the Rebel inside!! For example, when my 'mom' isn't looking, I climb on the back of the couch and walk around the edge to get a better peek out the window. "Mom" doesn't like it but what "mom" doesn't know can't hurt, right? I am pretty lucky to have a good "mom". I used to live on the streets and didn't have a place to call my own. I wasn't sure why my other owners didn't like me....I was only a pup. My new 'mom" saved me from the shelter. I remember when I first came home, she had laid the my new toys all over the living room for me! It was like a dream come true! I even have my own toybox full of toys. I've learned a trick to getting new toys....chew up the ones you have....and do it quickly! "mom" will replace them. I've seen many toys come and go and lately it seems like all the ones I have left are made out of rubber....Ick!
I can't wait to get a little brother or sister. Mom says I have to wait until she gets married and has a house first. Until then, I get to play with the neighbor dogs. They're pretty fun but they can get quite yippy. When they do, I pee on their heads. Mom used to yell at me but now she just laughs.
Well, the best thing I can say is that I love sleeping with Mom. I'll give up all of my toys just to sleep with her in her bed. I always have to promise not to chew up anything or dig in her plants. And if I agree, then I get to sleep wherever I want. But if  I give in to my desires to chew up her new strappy, leather sandals, then it is into the dog house I go!
May Burton the Wonder Dog live forever!

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