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Chili "Pepper" and Echo


How cute is Chili "Pepper" and Echo?

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All about Chili "Pepper" and Echo

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Shell Ward
The Pas
Province, Country:
MB, Canada
Chihuahua/terrier, TerrierX
Date of Birth:
Oct99, July02
Coat Colour:
Black/tan, Tan
Eye Colour:

Pepper is a very loyal, energetic dog. She loves cuddling and being a suck, but also has a major attitude if anyone comes near the house or yard. She loves sleeping in bed with me and often steals the pillow. biggest like is probably ice cream!
Echo is a very curious 10 month old puppy. She is very gentle but also very playful. She loves getting into things and then sucking up to the owners so she doesnt get into trouble. She can often be found carrying around a old pair of socks that she loves to chew on.
Both dogs are very playful and love to get outside for walks or chase each other around the yard

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