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Frencheska Bulondise
New York
Province, Country:
NY, United States
Brown/Black/White Tabby
Date of Birth:
Octpber 24 2000
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Well he is a Brown/Black & White Tabby so I guess
Eye Colour:
Yellow with a green circle around the pupil

Noah is a loving 2 year old kitty with alot of personality. He is an angel/devil. He is an angel because he purrs and rubs against you when you are sick or sad and he maked you forget why your feeling sad (you will still be sick but you will be happy and sick). He is a devil because he chews and rips up any paper or boxes he can find.
                                          Noah Likes:
Well he likes to shred paper, beat on his younger brother Lyle, roam the outdoors (supervised by me at all times), to snuggle with my 5 year old Dalmation lexi and to be groomed by his big buddy max... oh and I forgot he likes a fresh clean litter box like every normal cat.
                                        Noah Hates:
He hates to be poked, a dirty litter box, when Lyle attacks him from behind (again Lyle is Noah little brother), when you don't let him outside, when you sprits him with water and when you hold him agains his will.
                                       Noah's Favorit Toy:
Noah likes his sparkley rope, it's not realy a cat toy but he likes to chace it all over, any time.
                                        Noah's Favorit Lounging Spot:
Noah likes to lounge infront of the backdoor in the summer because the sun always shines there in the day and in the winter he likes to loung on any heat vent he can find.
                                       Noah's Most Embarrassing Moment:
Well Noah is pretty devious and once he got under the deck where no body can get him out and I wanted to go inside but Noah has to be supervised at all times so..........I got a BIG bowl of water and dumped it right on his head through the cracks in the deck. Noah was so scared that he shot up the side of the deck .There are no stairs there her just leaped about 3 times as high as his own body and skinnied through a crack 2-3" wide! He was soaked and and very mad and he looked quite embarressed too!
                                           Noah's Cherished Moment:
Noah's cherished moment was when I was sad (I don't remember why I was sad) Noah came over to ma and meowed twice then started purring and rubbing against me like he was telling me "It's ok" I suddinly forgot why I was sad.

If you have any coments E-mail me at LyleKitty@hotmail.com your E-mail must be called "About Noah" or I will not open it (Note: You can also ask me other questions about Noah!)

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