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Kerri Joseph
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Short Hair Domestic
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My owner calls me Ebenezer, and also sometimes Psycho Cat! I don't know why cause I only just love to leap tall couches, chairs and my owner. I must warn you - I have an attitude - If you pet me don't stop cause I might take a swat at you. I look quite grumpy in the photo above because my owner was being silly with a black toy of some sort and wouldn't pet me! I'm usually not very grumpy though and I love to lay on my owner's lap or keep her cold feet warm. I love to chat, I'm always greeting people at the door with some cat-chat. Even though my owner likes to keep me inside sometimes I escape and run for the hills! It's so much fun hearing her call me and chase me down the halls. One time I even jumped off the balcony (that was before the chicken wire darn it) but I landed in some COLD white stuff and wanted back inside right away! Brrrrr! I sure do wish my owner would make it sunny and warm outside more. I look at her and give her grumpy looks but it usually doesn't help. I like to chase and fight with my step-sister  Madeline - I usually win though she'll tell ya different. Hmph! I've had a few operations because of crystals in my urine but my owner has put me on a special diet (uck) and I feel great now. I suppose it is worth it. Please, please tell my owner to give me some catnip...I promise I won't land on her head again!

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