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Nicole Schnare
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Province, Country:
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Date of Birth:
almost 8 months
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Hiya! My name
is Jake, better known as Jake da Kitty, I love to play play play and
My favorite
toys are my orange mousey which is filled with cat nip and me's lub
that! I have lotsa toys, my owners spoil me! teheh, but my other favorite
toy is my soft spider filled with catnip! teheh, ME's lub the catnip!
I lob to go krazy! and jump around the house! I also love to climb!
tehehe. I don't like it when I can't go outside. My owners don't want
me to, they say that I run away when I go out there and they don't want
me to get lost. So when they won't let me out I sit at door and meow,
meow, meow, MEOW!
I don't get
along with doggie's very well, I meow and hiss at them and I don't get
along with other kittie's well either. My pet peeve is that I can't
go outside! grrrrrr! I like to lounge around teh house anywhere, but
I have to sleep downstairs at night and I sleep in a box, teheh :) it's
very comfy.
My most embarrassing
moment would be when I tried to get a picture of a fox on the computer
screen, but it wasn't even real!! teheh, it was only a picture though!

The day I got brought home by my new family was my most cherished memory

My cat Family, When my birth mommy had me, There was me, my sister,
and my brother, so there was 3 of us in all. We played until they went
with new family's and I was the only one left, then my new family came
and got me and now I live with them, I am a very happy Kitty!
to all of my kitty friends! Kats are where it's at! and I know that
we tease each other alot all of you JRT's, but that's okay, it's all
fun and game's. Hiya to all of you's!

I am a very special kitty, because I can give my owners unconditional
love. I can make them happy and in that way I am special.
Contact me at

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