March 2008

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Featured podcast (audio recording)

Good treats for cats and dogs

We are often told about foods we should avoid giving our pets (cats and dogs) and rightly so, many foods can harm our pets. There are however, many human foods that are fine for pets to eat and offering your pet a variety of tastes makes your pet happy.

As long as 80% of your pet’s diet comes from a HIGH QUALITY pet food, the other 20% can come in the form of treats. Dogs in particular love human food treats and these treats can include lower fat foods such as yogurt, baby carrots, bananas, yams, lean meat etc. Obviously, every pet is different and some pets have medical conditions such as allergies, lactose intolerances etc. that limit or prohibit them from eating certain foods. When in doubt, as always, call your vet. Feel free to listen to the full good treats for dogs and cats podcast for even more information.

A podcast is simply audio (similar to a pre-recorded radio program) that you can listen to on your computer or on an mp3 player like an Ipod any time you like. At this time we have recorded 36 shows and many of them are interviews with specialists like the trainers from Tenderfoot Training and with Dr. Lee our amazing podcasting veterinarian.

We realize that some people may still be confused about podcasting so if anyone has questions feel free to email me personally at marko (a T ) pets (D O T) ca – Please use the correct email formatting of course.

Pet photography

Photogaphy on – There are many places to see cute pet photography on including our Free cat webpages and Free dog webpages. We also have a special forum just for pet photography in our bulletin board, where each month we set up a challenge or theme. It’s all fun and it’s all free and here are just a few pictures from the February challenge whose theme was Love is in the air (hugs, kisses, cuddles, Valentine). This month’s challenge is The Ides of March (pics of doom and destruction) and pics from that challenge will go in next month’s newsletter.

Nosebleeds in Cats and Dogs

Occasionally our pets will get a nosebleed just like we do. This happens frequently in the winter time in homes that are too dry and a common solution would be to add humidity. This is just one reason that pets get nosebleeds though, sometimes the causes of nosebleeds, especially chronic nosebleeds can be quite serious. It is for this reason that whenever your pet gets a nosebleed, you should bring it to the vet ASAP. Possible causes of nasal bleeding include; sinus issues, foreign bodies – such as foxtails, often with secondary infections, fungal infections, tumors, benign masses such as polyps, bleeding disorders, liver disease, low platelets, platelet dysfunction, rodenticide poisoning and other coagulation diseases.

Common diagnostic tests to help determine what’s going on include; general blood and urine testing, X-Rays (radiographs), coagulation blood tests, fungal blood tests, rhinoscopy and possible biopsy. Thanks again to Dr. Lee for this information.

2 cute gifts for pets and pet lovers

Even though the big holiday shopping season has passed, both pets and their owners will continue to have birthdays throughout the year and we thought we’d show off 2 products recently added to our store. Our pet luggage tags come in 5 models are are an amazingly cute way to pick your bag or luggage out of a crowd. Our new personality bone charms are a great way to spruce up any dog or cat collar or human keychain.

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