February: 2008

Pets.ca’s – Pet information newsletter starting up again

Hi there it’s Marko, one of the administrators on Pets.ca. It’s been a while since our last newsletter and we are happy to say that we are back on track. Thousands and thousands of pet lovers have added their names wanting pet newsletters and we thank each and every one of you for your patience. We are now using an efficient new system to deliver our pet newsletters and we hope to send them out monthly. Now onto some news.

36 Informative pet podcasts have been recorded

How to get your dog to stop pulling is just one of our 36 podcasts
A podcast is simply audio (similar to a pre-recorded radio program) that you can listen to on your computer or on an mp3 player like an Ipod any time you like. At this time we have recorded 36 shows and many of them are interviews with specialists like the trainers from Tenderfoot Training and with Dr. Lee our amazing podcasting veterinarian.
Here are just a few of the episodes that we have recorded

We realize that some people may still be confused about podcasting so if anyone has questions feel free to email me personally at marko (a T ) pets (D O T) ca – Please use the correct email formatting of course.

Pet photography

Photogaphy on Pets.ca – There are many places to see cute pet photography on Pets.ca including our Free cat webpages and Free dog webpages. We also have a special forum just for pet photography in our bulletin board, where each month we set up a challenge or theme. It’s all fun and it’s all free and here are just a few pictures from the February challenge whose theme was Love is in the air (hugs, kisses, cuddles, Valentine).

newsletter-12_07-image2 newsletter-12_07-image1

Cleaning pet fur

Since our pets often shed and leave fur all over the place you may want to regularly clean up some pet fur that is on your clothes or around your sofa etc. One of the best methods that also happens to be the cheapest method is the masking tape method. It works in the same way as a lint roller, and just as well. Basically just buy a roll of masking tape and roll it around your whole hand with the sticky side facing the air not your skin. Then just tap your clothing or furniture with your hand. The stray hair will stick to the tape. Once the tape is full of hair, slide it off your hand and start again.

2 cute gifts for pets and pet lovers

Even though the big holiday shopping season has passed, both pets and their owners will continue to have birthdays throughout the year and we thought we’d show off 2 new products that we just added to our store. Our pet luggage tags come in 5 models are are an amazingly cute way to pick your bag or luggage out of a crowd. Our new personality bone charms are a great way to spruce up any dog or cat collar or human keychain.

pug charm

No Spam and suggestions

We love to get feedback and suggestions. That’s the best way we can improve and give you the information that you want. Please send any suggestion or feedback to newsletter ( a T) pets.ca. (Please use the correct standard email formatting)

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