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Old October 15th, 2004, 07:34 AM
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My AMAZING Family Pet/Animal History (in short form)

I've read a lot of posts in which people are complaining about all their animal problems, and whining about animal costs and so on...
I can't say i really sympathize... My dad is unemployed and stubbornly refuses to go on disability, and my mom works with handicapped and disadvantaged people in a charity organization for less than minimum wage.

This is a LONG long Long LONG long list of every animal (and people animal) that has been involved in our family during my life, and how my parents or my family has helped to care for it or help it. Some generalization happens here and there...
In my lower-class family on welfare, with SIX KIDS, my parents and their offspring (me and my sis and bros) managed everything on this list - names in bold, shown in chronological order:

Kithanea 1982-forever (birthed by my happily in lovered newlywed parents)
The contents of one pet store, from purchase in 1981 to bankrupcy in 1985- ALL animals were successfully relocated, including one horny monkey.
Thalia in 1984-2068 (good work, mom and dad)
Max the MIRACLE goldfish from 1986-1988 (rescued from post office, killed by pet sitter during family's only vacation)
Six guppies were rescued with Max, 1986, and relocated to a local convent
Kailand 1986-a lont time? (mom and dad had another litter of 1)
Gus the plain Tabby 1989-1997 (adopted, neutered, lived happily for 8 years, killed by domesticated mountain-lion)
Orange tabby (fostered temp. in late 1989 and neutered for home run animal shelter)
[b]Theodore[/b[ the black and white tom, 1990-1994 (adopted, neutered, killed on highway, at which point my parents left their farm for fear of losing more family members to speeding drivers)
Tristan 1990-whenever... (parents are STILL at it!)
Eighty cats (NOT KIDDING) were left by their previous owners on our newly purchased farm, much to the shagrin of my parents. a few were tame enough to bring to a shelter, but many had to be destroyed. One kitten clawed out theodores left eye, and was quarentined at an animal shelter, where someone promptly fell in love with him. After the quarentine period ended, he was adopted. I do not know the fate of any other shelter cats. I know that so many of them died simply from illness or injury or age before they could be caught. I remember playing in the woods by my house, and finding occassional bodies, and seeing them all along the highway....
Fuzzball the silver angora rabbit was purchased (and named) by me for 5$ from a family friend, and he lived with us from 1991-1994, after which he was given to a close personal friend who cared for him lovingly and got a few sweaters out of the deal too.
Shadow mixed breed (german shephard looking) bitch, ????-1993 (adopted her as an adult, after she had been bred to exhaustion. Before we were able to have her spayed, she became pregnant again. After this litter, she was spayed. She was euthanized due to an intentional human-inflicted injury that two surguries could not relieve her of the intolerable pain she was in. ) RIP
Francis the rosy hen. 1992-sale of farm. I hand raised her, and she lived in the house, and followed my mom around while she cleaned and cooked. (and ate all the spills on the floor
SHADOW'S PUPPIES: three gold, two black/tan/white and one silver/black puppies were relocated in early 1991 with agreement to spay or neuter. No puppies resulted from any animal in this litter.
Ralph the seventh puppy in Shadow's litter. In our care, neutered, all vaccinations, and well loved and kept until he started killing chickens, rabbits and ducks, and grew to an unpredicted size... He was successfully relocated to a cattle farm where he lived until from 1991-2002
a minimum of 12 meat rabbits, 2 dozen hens, and half dozen ducks lived on our farm at all times, where they were well fed, and properly housed and well protected from all wildlife and worry: much unlike their lives with the previous farm owner, who let the fences and buildings run-down and provided inadequate human interaction and food and shelter, and let his animals run wild. They may not be considered as pets to most people, but they were all very well treated and very well taken care of and they KNEW it! Before we left, we gave most of our personal favorites to family friends and neighbors (NOT THE ONE WHO SHOT THE DOGS!)
Sage the beige and white fat little pony boy who STEPPED ON MY CHEST! (outgrew the scar in 2001) we don't know how old he was, but he lived a very long time! We sold him to a family friend after we sold the farm, and he never had to carry anyone on his back ever again. He was a lap-pony. free to graze and just hang out, without having to wear annoying bits and saddles.
Julio the burro, 1989-present. We owned him for our duration on the farm, and he was adored by everyone and after that he was adopted to a reputable trail-riding and pony-cart business, where he had since been pulling little wagons for children's parties. I saw him a few years later (about 6 actually, in the off-season.) and his feet were in deplorable condition! Me and my mom and sister had it out with the owners bigtime! Turns out they were under new management, and whoever was running the place only groomed him for work season. *GRR!*
Justinian and Jordan 1992-older than me (TWINS THIS TIME?? Ok, mom, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! our family was WAY too big for the two bedroom farm house, and 1.5 years later we moved out)
Lincoln 1992 gold ****er spaniel pup (was bought from a local home breeder, neutered, housetrained and loved. his size was much more suited to the toddlers in our family, but we brought him to visit a friend of ours a couple of times while we were picking out some sheep. He loved it there SO much, we brought him to visit a few more times, and then the family there asked to keep him. He was SO HAPPY! it was a paradise for him!
So he was adopted to the owners of the sheep that follow)
Blackey, the black mommy sheep was fostered for a family friend for 6 months, and then replaced by
Bucky, a young ram, who was ours to keep.
Whitey, the white sheep was a gift from the same friend as above, and was adored (and tortured) by me and my sister (We have pictures of them sheared, because it was soooo cute! Sadly, both were butchered two months before we moved out of the farm, as the new owners didn't want them unless they were ready to eat, and their old owners had no more room for them. My mom had to do this herself. (dad in alberta)
spotted baby deer - 1992 (was hit by car on the same highway as theodore, and left immobilized. my father had some veterinary experience and tried to se if there was anything we could have done to help it, but found that its hind legs were hanging on by skin alone, and my father has to shoot it- this was very difficult for everyone in my family, and our good neighbors. We had a proper funeral for the poor baby, and his mom watched (could make you cry!) although i don't recall if we named him.)

we moved briefly to alberta at this point, with only Gus, having found new homes for all the pets and farm animals that were not sold with the farm. We didn't get any more pets (due to location mostly) until we left alberta and went back to BC that same year...
well, even then we waited a bit....
not too long though.

Candy the female calico. 1995- died at 7 months due to unexpected disease, adopted from a girl in my swimming class who had THREE unspayed female cats *menacing glare* I didn't understand these things at that age. Was vaccinated, and had an appointment to be spayed, but died just weeks earlier. Was loved to pieces and adored and written essays about and was the cutest little brat EVER!
Pepper the brown and white bunny, named for his peppery brown speckled coat. 1995-???? he was caught by my brother and a friend of his, named below. Later given to a friend, who didn't keep him properly. We raised hell about it, but then they 'gave him away'. we suspect death.
Ryan and Jamie adopted as part of our family from 1995-infinity. Two brothers, strawberryblond hair and freckles. Mom was an alcoholic, father died suddenly of a heart attack in 1996. They went into foster care in 2000, but we were still feeding them and they belonged to us (their foster parents would only buy coca-cola and nike shoes, but they couldn't love them like a family) We were their source of calcium (Ryan would down 4L of milk in ONE DAY at our house!) Unfortuneately, these two are now missing and being missed, but not lost(we still have hope) You boys are my brothers!
Lancalot grey tabby 1996-present (adopted this friendly dumped 5 month old stray, neutered him, vet bills, and FLEA TREATMENT!)
Red a fledgling robin victim of a cat attack in 1996, was rescued, mended and released two weeks later, a lot wiser.
Pheonix the white, corckscrew tailed male cat 1996-1998. (neutered, and paid for extreme vet bills) I have bad luck with cats. Pheonix was a feral kitten that was rescued by my father at his place of work, at only four weeks old, and hand raised by me. He was stricken suddenly with severe cardiac problems and we were advised to euthanize him. My only regret is that i listened to my mom and didn't stay with him in his final moments (i am crying right now)
Sir Gwayne brown and white male rat 1995-1998 (given to us from Kailand's teacher in 1998 who reccomended Kailand have his own pet... turns out he was allergic! Gwayne was adored infinitely despite that, and was VERY affectionate and intelligent)
Willow the heinz 57 golden+white MASSIVE mistake 1997-present, (purchased stupidly at a pet store, neutered, brought to a shelter, bought back again, repeat those last two again, MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE vet bills after car hits and bad falls and silly crazy dog things, HUGE amounts of dog food, ENDLESS patience and of course, unending love.)
Sir Gareth the brown and white male rat, 1997-2001, was bought from the pet store in 1998, two months after Gwayne died. Equally affectionate, and much more sociable with other rats.
Agent Dana Skulley 20 pound tortie female, 1999-present. (spayed, vaccinated, all vet bills covered, loved and doted over... unfortunately, this one was MY stupid spurratic thoughtless pet store purchase trying to fill the void that Pheonix and Candy left my with, but at least i know the owners and the store's policies very well (5$ food/litter fee, and contract for spaying/vaccinations agreement) She ended up a very skittish and uneasy cat, and not suited to moving around, but has the most BEAUTIFUL fine coat. She is currently HAPPY at home with Mom and Dad where she grew up, but she misses me)
Fox the brown and white male rat 2000-present (adopted by my sister from a friend who 'couldn't tell a male rat from a female rat' (Oh, please! Their nuts are HUGE!!! She just thought baby rats were cute and wanted some! Just not ThAT many...) Fox was raised on my sisters shoulder, would sip warm tea from a cup, and eat buiscuits. Bonus, once house-bound, he was very agreeable with the submissive Gareth, they co-groomed, and cuddled and got upset when seperated! (unusual for male rats to get along like that!) He was given to an eager family friend after Gareth died, and Kailands allergies were so severe we didn't want to prolong our rat ownership.
Scoobie the blue and yellow parakeet, 1999-2000 (bought by my sister, and loved. very affectionate and sweet, for a parakeet. Died after a window was left open on a cold night.)
Angel This pregnant pastel meduim-long haired calico dumpee was giving birth in front of me, and i was hitchhiking homeward, or i would have brought her home with me. I fed her, and had a friend in the area look after her to ensure she got enough food and water, but when i returned in two months (as soon as i could) for her and her litter, she was nowhere to be found. She had run off and dissapeared. She let me watch her give birth, not even let, but BEGGED me to be with her while she had her babies, (three, one grey, one orange and one white) and i made sure she had shelter until i could come back with transport to take her home and spay her: she was MY cat through and through. No rush desicions about it. I hope she ended up in a responsible home, and not just being fed under a porch, having more litters. How could ANYONE dump her??????
Reif the blue and yellow parakeet 2002-2004 (my sister bought this one too, and he was not quite as loving or affectionate (or intelligent ) As scoobie... But he was charming anyways. Died sadly due to stress from traveling after being moved from BC to alberta)
KissyPuss 6 month brown tabby female 2003 (she was dumped at the side of the road, in castlegar where my dumped cat radar went off, and i sought her out, brought her home, (my parents BEGGED me to take her back, as they hoped and prayed she had a home- they did NOT want another cat! As soon as my mom saw her eat, she started crying because she knew she was homeless (starving) and that we couldn't just 'take her back' but i promised she wouldn't stay. so i fed her up a bit and a couple of days later. i brought her young self to a no-kill shelter with a healthy deposit to be used at the shelter's discretion.
Gib a jack-russel terrier cross bitch, 2002-present (hastily bought by my homesick sister from... God knows who, at FAR TOO YOUNG, and turned out to be a mixed breed and not pure ) Spayed, housetrained, but UNWALKABLE and is living with my parents and torturing poor Willow, who is scared to leave the house in case everyone forgets about him while Gib is there!
Tragedy my long haired black angel of URINE 2003-present (undertaken as the sole female in a litter of desperate giveaways, to ensure the reduction of global cat population. spayed, all vaccinations, fed poor people's cat food and loved unconditionally. She moved with me from BC to ontario, and she TRAVELS LIKE A CHARM!)
Robin Fledgling Robin grounded in a CIRCLE OF CATS! Was rescued without injury, kept overnight to recover from shock, before returning him to his watchful parents. Success- he's still alive!
Silver and Hide Silver and brown tabbies 2004-present (fed and captured, future pending. Looks bad for Hide, who is under quarentine at Animal Control, where MY health is the only thing that's keeping him alive for a minimal ten days (and a health inspector was franticly worried that even THAT was comprimised!) *sigh* I will do what i can. Silver is back in my hands (the trap worked!) and he's purring in my arms, but he is NOT going to be let loose in teh house. NO MORE BLOODSHED! Silver is getting an appointment at the vet for de-worming pending as soon as the vet opens up!)

The list goes on. My sister has a chameleon, two birds, and a ferret, and a turtle, but i don't have enougn info on them to add them to this list,
and i promise you it will keep on growing.
Any interaction that we have with animals, i think we should remember and treasure it:
the whole time i was writing this down i kept thinking of stories, and events, and got teary eyed, and even remembered some animals i had forgotten.
I hope i didn't miss anyone (all the animals in my life have been very special, and i wish i could have them all up here, but i'm sure i've missed some!)

I am Sorry this is SOOOO LONG! There was so much i wanted to fit in there... but I'm going to have to make a hundred posts of all these stories seperately....
THIS IS MY LIFE, and the life of my family,
all my animal friends.
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