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Old July 20th, 2004, 11:53 AM
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Sad storry with a good ending.

Although this happened over a year ago it’ll forever be crystal clear in my mind. It’ll also hopefully make you all a little more aware of your neighbors and the possible threat they can be to your animals.

Sometime in May of 2003 I had just arrived home from an average day at work. Being 18 and under educated I had a crummy job at a flower shop where I was over worked at minimum wage and always came home too burnt out to even think about making myself dinner. The hours I worked my mother usually arrived home 30minutes to an hour before me. The routine we began to have was once she’d get home she’d let the cats outside to get some sun.

When I pulled up to the house I didn’t suspect anything wrong, and apparently neither did my mother who was already relaxing from her day. I struggled to get into the house with a bouquet of flowers from the shops that were too old to sell. I placed them in a vase and then focused my eyes for the couch.

As I was approaching the couch I saw my cat Nancy standing there with her forehead pressed against the window looking in. I hadn’t thought much about it seen, as it isn’t uncommon for the cats to come into the house through the basement window. I climbed up on the couch and opened the window to a very persistent kitty who seemed as though she just couldn’t wait to get inside.

When I had opened the window she jumped right on me. Which was a little unusual seen as the cat usually just jump down onto the couch and go on their way. As I put my arm around her bottom so she wouldn’t slide off my shoulder her tail hit my arm. I pulled my arm up and noticed some blood on it… and then I noticed that the tip of her tail was hanging by a piece of skin.

I pretty much just went into a panic from that point screaming for my mom. I ran upstairs with Nancy still quiet on my shoulders to show my mom what had happened. As soon as she saw why I was screaming she ran to get the phone book and called the closest animal hospital to give them warning that we were coming. We put her into the carrying cage and hurried out to the car. The ten-minute drive to the animal hospital felt perpetual, especially with Nancy being so quiet for the car ride.

When the vet was analyzing Nancy’s situation she also noticed a small long gash on her left back leg. She sat us down and told us our options, first being the good option. She said she’d have to take an x-ray to see if her tail is broken any further up. If it wasn’t they’d just clean her up and we’d be able to take her home in the morning. Second option was if her tail was broken in another place higher up so long as it wasn’t her spine they’d probably have to amputate to that breaking point. If there was a break on the spine we’d have to put her down.

We left Nancy at the hospital and waited next to the phone to see what the results of the x-rays were. When that call came in we were informed that she had another break in her tail and that they would be able to amputate her tail but it would be pricey. When it comes to my animals, price isn’t an issue. I’d work until I couldn’t work anymore and then work some more to know that my animals are still with me and healthy.

I didn’t sleep very easy that night I was to worried to get a proper sleep. In the morning I called into work to use a sick day so that I could stay home with my baby and monitor her to make sure she was okay.

I drove myself to the animals hospital in the morning to pick up my baby. When I was talking to the vet she was asking me more questions on how I thought this had happened. I didn’t really have much to tell her other than what I told her the night before. She then told me her opinion of what happened. She said that she suspected someone had done that to her. She said it was probably some kids who decided to torture her. Her best guess was that they closed a door on her tail and left her to escape herself. I was nearly in tears again hearing that someone could be so cold hearted to be so cruel to an animal.

When I brought Nancy home she was pretty messed up from pain medication. She had a huge shaved spot on her side where they placed a patch that contained painkillers. She also was shaved around the cut on her leg and of course the area where she now has a stump. Both areas had dark black stitches sticking out and she just looked so sad with the cone around her neck.

The fallowing day we made up some posters offering a reward for information on what had happened to my cat. We had only gotten one call and it was from another lady about two blocks away who’s cat had gone missing the same day we had to bring Nancy into the animal hospital. I felt horrible for the lady having to see the poster because she was calling worried that possibly worse happened to her cat.

In the end Nancy quickly recovered and became her normal self again. My mom has given her the nickname “The $1000 Cat” because of her vet bill. My boyfriend has also given her the name “Cabbit” seen as with just a little stump it looks like a rabbit’s tail… so half cat half rabbit will give you “Cabbit”.

Since Nancy lost her tail her body has become a lot more muscular and her neck looks like it belongs to on a football player… in other words it’s so thick it hardly looks like it isn’t even there. She still absolutely adorable and loving, and I’m so glad nothing worse happened. It took us a while before we were confident enough to allow our cats outside again and we haven’t had a problem since.
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Old July 20th, 2004, 02:02 PM
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OMG! This just really hit home with me! I'm so glad she's ok now! Beautiful kitty!
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Old July 20th, 2004, 02:16 PM
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Poor poor baby!

Glad she recovered from this horrible experience!

Your cat's neck and body likely became more muscular because it had to make up for losing her tail. The tail is used a lot for balance, now those muscles are working extra to keep her balanced.
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Old July 20th, 2004, 02:47 PM
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The area I live in has some rough edges but the core of the people who live around me are wonderful harmless people. I still never thought something like this could have happened, I would be less surprised if they got hurt from the traffic infront of the house instead of this.

When Nancy first lost her tail I thought she looked pretty goofy. Just because I've always known her with his long tail with just a little white tip. It took a little getting used to seeing her with a lot less tail. But now looking at her, the little stump of what's left of her tail looks so natural if it wasn't for pictures of her before this happened I probably wouldn't be able to picture what she'd look like with a tail again.

She was really angry at all the other cats in the house and anyone she didn't know for about six months. But now she's fully trusting again and loves people and is even letting the other cats sleep next to her.
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Old July 20th, 2004, 02:57 PM
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Actually, I worry more about sickos than I do about cars, except they would be hard pressed to catch my tom, he's a bit tubby but he's fast.
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Old July 22nd, 2004, 01:03 AM
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I'm just sick that somebody would do that to a harmless animal. I hope they rot in hell. I'm glad that she's okay now. What an awful thing to go through.
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Old July 22nd, 2004, 07:25 PM
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Thank goodness you were able to have your baby home. It is frightening when your kitty disappears and don't know what has happened to them. Some people don't value the life of an animal and would squish it like a bug without a second thought. Just recently here in BC, some a-hole tossed a kitten out of his window on a bridge. Some guy was driving along and noticed it sitting on the meridian in the middle of the lanes.

I can't find a link to the story, but the guy who saw it begged a tow truck driver to take him back onto the bridge to save the kitten....and he had him checked out by a vet and brought him home.
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Old July 24th, 2004, 10:44 AM
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Aww that's so sad...
I'm just so thankful that my baby was able to get away from those jerks and that nothing worse happend and that I was home to be able to rush her to the animal hospital.
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