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View Poll Results: Why did you choose your particular pets? (multichoice, public)
His/her appearance - I fell in love! 16 32.00%
His/her story - I had to give this animal a better life.:queen: :king: 14 28.00%
I chose the breeder and the breeder chose my pet... 2 4.00%
My beastie was just in the right place at the right time (or I was) 20 40.00%
I looked for a particular breed and he/she came along. 7 14.00%
She/He wasn't my choice or was dumped upon me. 5 10.00%
He/She chose me, found his/her own way to me.:love: 16 32.00%
My reason is not here (it's below). I hate polls. I don't have any pets. 1 2.00%
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Old August 10th, 2006, 06:34 PM
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Poll of the night: Why that dog or cat?

I'm just wondering how people decided on their particular pets. I mean, with the millions of wannabe-pets out there, how did your pets become the "chosen ones"?

(gimme a minute to make the poll)
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Old August 10th, 2006, 06:50 PM
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I fell in love with Simon via website, and my ex with Peaches (they were at the same shelter), but we'd decided solely on Simon. Simon put on quite the display of terrified aggression at the shelter, but Peach sat perfectly pretty and still. I'm a sucker for hardluck animals, so Simon was a foregone conclusion short of him being rabid, but Peaches turned out to be the darkhorse that snagged and bagged the ex's heart. We decided 2 was just as good as 1 and so it was. 3 years later, he's gone, but I have both dogs so I think I made out with the better settlement

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

~Those who KNOW better are responsible to TEACH better~

Jenn, Simon and Peaches
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Old August 10th, 2006, 06:51 PM
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I saw her online, and I fell in love with her picture and story. I met her, and knew. It was as simple as that. My dad and I drove up to her foster house, and this little puppy with huge ears ran up to the front picture window and was so excited to see that visitors were there. They opened the door and she ran to me and was litterally glued to my leg. I just knew she was mine.
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Old August 10th, 2006, 06:59 PM
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We went to the humane society, just to look and this puppy would not stop kissing us. We walked away and came back to her and she was so happy to see us and once again would not stop kissing us. At that moment I knew she chose us. :love:
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Old August 10th, 2006, 07:19 PM
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great poll Prin Like jawert1, I'm a sucker too! Older dogs,out of shape....Bailey was dumped on a country side road,read his story on the web (there was no pics then) on a friday,at work.I kept calling to ask them to wait for me,at 5h00,I went to the store,bought everything for my new doggie,drove 2 hours to pick him up,came back at 10h30 pm,gave him a bath!Saw Daisy online,first day she was on the web,dumped at spca,8 yr old too old to breed anymore,beg them to wait for me (they laught at me,like anyone will adopt her the same day , at 8 yr old :sad: ) pick her up right after work.Now Sam,foster at first,supposed to be euthanized if I didn't pick him up the same day I heard about him.3 months without anyone wanted to adopt him,not fluffy enough (he had to be shaved!) too fat,too old.After only one month my heart was already made up,but still he was up for adoption.Got a bigger car and adopted him after fostering him for 3 months.I LOVE them all.They changed my life,I'm a better person because of them :love:
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Old August 10th, 2006, 07:34 PM
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Leo was sort of dumped on me (the boyfriend's parents did the whole "here have a cat") but I chose Pawz cuz he was cute (and I realised how hard it must be to find a good home for black cats). I still love them both and since having them (even if they do drive me up the walls).

I figured out the "error" of my ways though....I never should have chosen a second black cat (at least not one without certain marking on its back) because I can't tell them apart when they aren't facing me! Little buggers! They do it on purpose I swear!

My cute little demons:
Leo - male, kitten, April 15th 2006
Pawz - male, kitten, April 5nd 2006
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Old August 10th, 2006, 07:46 PM
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Dancer-cat was one a of series of strays that lived on my friend's front porch. My friend's Mom fed them and tamed them, then found homes for them. Some made it into their house, but allergies limited the number they could keep. I had just moved into an apartment with another friend (who was like a third son to the cat-haven house) and so we had space. Went to visit, and she ran right up to me to be petted. That was it; she came home the next week after going to the vet.

The monster puppies came through serendipity, I think. We had talked about getting a puppy in the spring, once the weather cleared up. Then, in late November, I did something I never do-I looked at the on-line ads for the local paper. There was an ad for Lab/Rottie cross pups. I showed it to my husband and then we did something neither of us had ever thought we would do-I emailed about them. (We both have very strong feelings about ads in the paper-negative feelings! And yet, I felt compelled to check it out anyways.) I liked the contact I had with the woman who owned the female labs, so we went out to their house to look. Everything checked out OK and we picked Fingal out. When we went back to visit, Bronwyn kept coming up to us to be picked up and cuddled, so.....I caved in and we got 2 puppies.
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to match your nature with Nature.~Joseph Campbell~

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Old August 10th, 2006, 07:55 PM
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Great stories. :love:

Boo chose us. We went to the spca for somebody else, and she was gone and there was Boo. He was very quiet and sad looking... When we turned away from him, he started to bark in desperation... We were it.

Jemma was "free to a good home". I saw her ad on a pretty crappy website, and it had been there for a month already. I told my man if she was still there, it was meant to be. And it was.:love:
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Old August 10th, 2006, 08:11 PM
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I saw it coming a mile away, Dory's former owner was getting tired of the havoc she was wreaking so I took her for a week to give her a break, two weeks later and I just asked her, are you sure you want her back? I'll keep her, really, I don't mind. I didn't really like her when she lived in her other home either, she was really rude, but after 10 tonnes of training, she's a great 10 lb. dog.

So not really a dump and not really an adoption, more of a compromise.:love:

The cats were a gift for the twins from the hubby's friend.
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Old August 10th, 2006, 08:27 PM
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I picked
My reason is not here (it's below). I hate polls. I don't have any pets.
It is because the answers are a multiple.

I picked a breed after a lot of research to find one that was best suited for my lifestyle, when I went to the adoption kennel I was hoping to get one in a pale fawn colour, well the first greyhound I was introduced to was Sunny, he was just prancing with excitement and his tail was going a mile a minute he had split it earlier and in his excitement his tail hit a bar and he was spraying blood everywhere including on me, he was not the dream colour I was hoping for and I was taken to me the next dog, well Sunny was not to happy with me leaving him and started bellowing and I am checking out the next dog, of course I was having a tough time focusing on the next dog and I kept looking back at this greyhound who was so upset, and I realized there and then I was the chosen one. Next dog adoption was not planned at all, a person who had adopted a greyhound had it escape the day that it was coming home from its spay surgery, it was on the loose for 6 weeks in the winter before finally being brought down with a tranquilizer gun at London airport, barbituates are very dangerous to use on greyhounds but there was no other option, as the London airport officials where threatening to shoot her as she posed a risk to airport safety, I had phoned the kennel a couple of days later to inquire about her health and how she was doing, she was doing fine considering all she had been thru as we continued to talk they told me about a greyhound that was returned after being in home for 3 1/2 years, shje was doing poorly be back in a kennel environment, she was not eating and barely drinking, depressed and was so shy that no one was interested in her, they were worried that if she stayed too long and did not improve she may die, so right there and then I said I would take her if she got along with my gange and gathered up my gang to go meet her, there was no real interest but no agression either so I brought her home, after a couple of day I took her to the vet, I had a sneaky suspicion that she had a long standing thyroid disease and asked the vet to test her and sure enough she was hypothyroid and a couple weeks later a lot of the depression lifted and she started eating and drinking better, I had Callie for 18 months before I lost her to bone cancer but is the meantime she had became my heartdog, and as she was passing away I made a promise to her to adopt another special needs very shy dog, which is how Maya became part of my pack, the search started in Ontario, then spread to north eastern US and finally she was found in Florida and I know Callie definitely had a hand in finding me this special girl as I was waiting to pick her up in Buffalo, I started talking to another woman that was also waiting for a special dog, it so happened she also lost a special girl to cancer it turned out her girl was Callies full sister, considering approximately 200,000 greyhounds had been adopted since our girls retired only a miracle could have brought 2 owners of siblings together in such a way.
And after 3 greyhounds I still do not have that pale fawn I first went looking for
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Old August 10th, 2006, 08:58 PM
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two dogs, two reasons...

dakotah: we chose the Akita as the breed we wanted to share our lives with when we met the Breeder & her dogs at a show. she had a litter, the one boy was spoken for but ended up being ours because the other families didn't like his color (lucky us!!!).

maika: typical byb story... this little girl was returned to the "breeders" after a month cuz the kid who bought her lost his job, had to move back to his parents' who said "no dogs", so she was looking for a forever home... she came to visit and never left. we had our hearts set on a 2nd akita from the same breeder but eh, Life Happened!

"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine"

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

:love: ~Akitas Are Love~ :love:
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Old August 10th, 2006, 09:19 PM
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These are such great stories, really.

But Techno, you love them equally, right?
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Old August 10th, 2006, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by technodoll
The one boy was spoken for but ended up being ours because the other families didn't like his color

But he's gorgeous! Good luck for Dakotah and you!
The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe,
to match your nature with Nature.~Joseph Campbell~

"You can't have a good day in bad underwear"- Fruit of the Loom ad
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Old August 10th, 2006, 09:47 PM
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But Techno, you love them equally, right?
oh ab-so-LUTE-ly! :love: :love: they each have their own personalities, quirks, things that make us laugh out loud every day. love their diversity!

Stryker, thank you dakotah's technically a "mismark" but that only makes him more unique, right? he's our baby hunk, LOL!
"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine"

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

:love: ~Akitas Are Love~ :love:
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Old August 10th, 2006, 09:59 PM
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Romeo was posted here by Lucky Rescue... he had been brought to the vet for euthanasia (at 11 months old!) for a skin problem... I couldn't resist him!!! A year and a half later we are still wrestling with the skin issue but he's not going anywhere!!! He's MINE!!!

Vega was one of Inverness' rescues. I looked at her petfinder website (I look often, at hers and others) and saw Vega and sent a very discrete email to Inverness, asking more details "because I might know someone..." She CALLED me, on my cell, to tell me that this girl was absolutely extraordinary and that if I knew someone, she'd be so thrilled... So I said I was thinking about taking her for myself since I was moving in about 2 months and I wanted a dog. Well... she didn't give me a chance to change my mind!!! She brought her down to Mtl so I could meet her and kept her for me until I was ready to take her. She's such an angel!
Happily sharing my home with
Romeo, the Abby kitty
Vega, the GSD - Husky mix
both from rescue, of course!!!
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Old August 11th, 2006, 01:00 AM
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Phoebe picked us. Out of the 20 or so puppies at this shelter, she and a male hound cross were the only ones who showed any interest in us. Phoebe followed me around the whole room the entire time I was there, even when I left the puppy pen and went to talk to the people working there, she stayed right by my side (she was a 10-week-old pup at the time). My then-5-year-old son went and sat in a corner. The male houndX crawled into his lap and fell asleep, Phoebe curled up beside him and fell asleep. Our son wanted the male, but hubby really wanted a female, and I thought Phoebe had bonded better with me than the male did (and I'd be the one training/raising her, so that was fairly important to me), so I figured I'd let hubby think he won that particular battle.
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Old August 11th, 2006, 10:13 AM
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Nala (tabby cat) came to me through one of my best friends. She & her dh had adopted her from a local shelter, then after a year or so, had to move to a new apt. The new apt didn't allow pets. Nala was the resident cat at the shelter, so they were THRILLED when they heard she would be coming back... but I couldn't let that happen. She was such a great cat, she DESERVED a home to call her own. So she came to live w/ me, but I told my friend as soon as she was in another new place that did allow pets, she could have her back. I was just "fostering" her for a while. She's still with me, and will be, forever. (and my friend visits her ALL the time). funny though, as soon as she came to me, I took her pic and entered her in a contest, which she won 1st place. ($2,500). I called my friend and thanked her for "the money cat".

Miss Lulu (calico cat)... I had to put down a cat just before moving to my new house (due to extreme illness), and I was beyond heartbroken. My bf said as soon as we were settled, we'd get another cat (we still had nala). A few mths after we'd moved in, my bf's mom came over and said "you're getting a kitten in 10 wks, and that's that." a friend of her's took in a preggo momma cat, and found homes for all the babies. Lu came home w/ me.

Tucker (dog)... saw him online (pet finder) and inquired. my bf wanted a dobe, but I convinced him to at least go SEE these pups. (there were 3 available). it took less than 5 min, and we were in loooooove. They let all 3 romp around in a big room w/ us - and Tucker hopped up on my bf's lap, and nibbled his goatee. that was it. we wrote the check, and took our little guy home.
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Old August 11th, 2006, 10:24 AM
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well I never was a "cat person" and when I moved I wanted to get a doggies(Still do), but when my parents moved to their new house they inherited a feral kitty family with the garden shed. So we were going to catch them and take them to the shelter. I remember seeing the kitties when they were a few weeks old, maybe 2, and I said o my mom if I get to have one I want this one. It was the darkest one of the group. But she said "no you can't you're moving to an apartment" blah blah. The kittens grew and one of them was particularly more curious to see us as she;d climb up to look in the house when we were there.
I befriended them to cathc them but 2 of the 3 kittens disappeared and I only managed to catch one kitty, the darkest one of the three and I called the shelters in the area and none would take them. So I ended up with the little one and man she had enough ear mites to go around the whole neighbourhood

and kitty 2, little miss prissy Peanut lol, I went to the spca, again wanting a dog, but no dogs there were suitable for me so i went to see the kitties, and I said "i'm going to let someone pick me" so i stood in the middle of the room and while most of them meowed, this one had a different meow, so I took her. And good choice too as she was underweight and in heat and....the attitude!! lol
meow meow
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Old August 11th, 2006, 10:53 AM
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My father tells me I blew my chances at winning the lottery when I found and adopted Harley. One person can't have that much good luck, or so he tells me!

I had gone to another shelter with my son to look at a specific dog I had seen online. When I got to the shelter, they informed me the dog had severe pelvic and hip issues caused by being tossed from a moving car as a puppy which would never be fully resolved. This info had not been listed on her page and unfortunately, she would not have been a good fit for my four year old rambunctious son. Thankfully, another person had expressed interest in her that day, so I hope she found her forever home.

I had promised my son he would see dogs that day, so I took him to the local city shelter, with no intention of adopting at that point. I was too disappointed from the earlier experience.

The shelter was just a small satellite office, with maybe ten dogs, all of which were barking like crazy except for one. Harley just sat there quietly staring at me with these huge brown eyes. And she was a total lover with both my son and me when we took her out of the cage. There was something about her, I just KNEW she was the one. Let me tell you, boy was I right. She's been awesome since day one!
I used to have a Multiple Personality Disorder, but the doctor says we are fine now.

Harley - 8 year old Beagle x Dobie
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Old August 11th, 2006, 03:26 PM
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Good thread and great stories people!

I get all teary reading these.

My frist dog my dad said a guy came around with the puppies in a box and said he was going to drown them all if he doesn't find them a home. Sold. Her name was Pepper and she was a Scottish Terrier.

My Second dog we got from a pet store years ago, Black and white border collie named Max . He was the only dog there that wasn't carrying on and barking. At the time I knew nothing of puppy mills but now that I know I know he was a victim. he was healthy thank god. The way I can tell is when we brought him home and put him on the floor his legs spread out like bambies on our tiles. Now I realize because he spent his first months in cages and only cages. The he had no idea what and how to use stairs. He barked once and we told him no. I swear I never heard him bark again. he did growl though a lot and was protective of us. He was the most behaved dog we have ever had.

Then there was Bo, named after Bo jackson.. you know bo does this and bo does that era. He was left in a box in the rain on my brothers friends front yard. He hardley had his eyes opened and was thought to be 4 weeks old. They brought him home but had a cat that was not having the puppy. We already had Max and my brother was told that we cannot take him but he had no where to go so my brother brought him home and told my dad he was gonna take him to a pound in the morning. Needless to say that never happened. He was the worst behaved dog, he had speration anxiety and went in the house every time we left, tore the garbage and even stole my Uncles toothbrush b/c he was staying in HIS room which was mine. But he had the most charater and love of any dog. He liked the couch and would try to push you off if you werent a family member. We think he was a lab/ boxer cross or lab/ pit cross.

Dog # 4 is still with my parents, yellow lab named cane. My sister in laws mother died suddenly and she had two labs. One went to my sister in law and the other to my family as her dad had a farm he had to care for now by himself and wouldn't be able to give them the love they needed.

Then there is my baby. my first first own dog ever! Capone the pit bull.. Got him through an add also, didnt know much about BYB's or puppy mills even then. We wanted a puppy and could not find one for the life of me. Finally we saw an add for pit puppies. Which I was not interested in because well hello they were pit bulls. My BF now husband encouraged me to read up first and I did. We bought books and skimmed the internet. I found out quick that maybe we would be ok. What a godsend! All day I dream of going home to my baby, seeing him wiggle his bum so hard that he hits himself in the face with his tail... You can't buy that kind of love in a store!

Holy crap, Im sorry I wrote a novel...
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. --Gandhi
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Old August 11th, 2006, 08:04 PM
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i will start with the oldest to youngest.

george a pet store purchase 14 years ago.
felix i took him from an elderly lady....he had crystals and was in pain...$2000.00 he is the sweetheart.
ozzy a free to good home cat...she picked us
tiggy a free to good home or the shelter cat i picked him.
bugsy the rabbit.. grandparents birthday gift....gee thanks.......lol
beathoven another free to good home or shelter.....we picked each other...he was the runt and i know he is the best of the litter.

if i could turn back the clock.......not a thing would change.
we love them all to death:love:
Dad To :
George 18 year beagle, Rest in peace little buddy....love
Beathoven 7 year old mutt
Maggie 5 year jack russell
Felix 15 year tabby
Ozzie 12 year tabby
Tigger 10 year long hair cat
marley just a pup
sasha grand pup___________________________________________________________
Lettin the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin it back in.

Most of the stuff people worry about ain't gonna happen anyway.
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Old August 11th, 2006, 09:07 PM
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I chose a breeder. I wanted her lines. But she had too long of a waiting list, but knew of a breeder that had the co owned daughter of the dog I wanted.
At first Harleys breeder took an interview, references, and told me she has 2 left, a male and a female. She wanted to watch them grow until 6 months to see which one she was going to keep. 1 week later, she called me back saying my references were outstanding, and the personality that I needed in a dog was a perfect match to one of the ones she was holding back.
She said If I wanted him, I could have him. She much prefer a perfect pet home for him, BUT he was sold under condition that I would show him.
He was sight unseen, she lived 7 hours away. She kept on sending me pics of his siblings because I wanted him to be a total surprise.
On dec 11th 2004, we went to pick up this 9 1/2 week old bundle of fur. She was right, it was a match made in heaven, he wanted cuddles, right from the get go. I also met mommy at the same time. WOW was she great. Looks, and temp. I saw all the health certs done, that she emailed me.
Then we drove back home with this little ( 22lbs) puppy on my lap, making alot of pee pee stops.
at 11pm at night, I went to show him off to my mommy.
The first thing she said, was it was a good thing I got him as a puppy, so she would not be scared of him
He turns 2 on OCT 1....I could not be happier, he was indeed the perfect match for me.
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Old August 11th, 2006, 10:22 PM
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My boyfriend and I walked into the shelter.. all other dogs were barking in their cage.. then I notice this little black 2 month old puffball just looking up at me. No barking, no nervousness, NOTHING. I bent down and that's when I saw his little tail go and he came to lick my face through the cage.

Both my boyfriend and I fell in LOVE instantly. We didnt have the money on us to get him so we went to the bank. When we got back, the girl at the counter said they were closing and I couldn't adopt that night. I was so upset. I really wished he didn't have to spend ANOTHER night there alone.

Early next morning, before they even opened, I was there. I ran in and got him, carried him out and heard another person there say "awww he's the one we came for" as I was walking out. I felt so bad but I just had to have him. It was love at first sight.. and he's my Prince. Which is why I named him that

First day we got him:

and him a few days ago:
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Old August 11th, 2006, 10:42 PM
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Oh, his ears went up! He's so cute.
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Old August 12th, 2006, 06:59 AM
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Great poll and wonderful stories people :love:

My first dog I owned as an adult (owed many many cats + birds) was a promise to my son when he reached 10 ... off we went to the pet store Of course there was always a litter of golden's and so Buddy was chosen (Air Bud etc ) Unfortunately very sad at 2 we had to put him down (hit by a car)

eye opener on the harsh reality of pet store puppies:
When Buddy was one I stopped by one day after work to that same pet store to buy him a stronger leash and instead walked out with Misti. OMG she was so little and lying in the middle of a cage in the front all alone. I now know she was getting returned. She was almost dead and was only 6 wks old. She was bleeding from the rectum and shivering. I brought her straight to the vet (the vet was the pet store's vet so ... what did I know ) Long story short paid $800 for her + $300 within the 1st week of vet bills (quit my job that's how sick she was) and of course it was against their policy for any type of refund but offered an exchange WHOA - what a learning experience it's been since ...

After Buddy died Misti went into a depression and was very sad all the time. We tried waiting a few months. By then I knew of rescues etc so I left my name with a few. A few weeks later Brandi (Second Chance) came into our lives. When Brandi got out of that car I swear they ran towards each other like they knew each other forever. The whole neighborhood had tears I swear Misti and Brandi are sisters, their identical in so many ways and sooo inseparable!

New viewiers or people looking for a pet: there's no guarantee on their health either way ... please adopt from your local SPCA or rescue and be part of the solution
In rescuing animals I lost my mind but found my soul
~ anonymous ~
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Old August 12th, 2006, 11:15 AM
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I found my cat on the side of a rather major road out in the country. She was just barely 6 weeks old (we guess), she was a calico, she was sick and hungry. I just had to have her. It took a week to convince my parents, but even though I was only 17 at the time (she's 10 years old now) I paid for everything,food, vet bills (and there were lots) and was her sole care taker (aka litter box cleaner) they let me keep her. She follows you around like a dog, she like to talks and knows when its bed time. She's an expert mouser and gets along with almost everything and every one.

I had decided that I wanted a puppy/dog and started looking. I saw Charley advertised on an electronic buletin board, I went to meet his parents (he was only 4 weeks old at the time so didn't have much to go by except his colouring) whom I really liked and agreed to be back in 3 weeks to take him home. I looked at the pictures I had taken of him daily, one still hangs on the fridge and he's now 1 1/2 years old.

They've been my best buds every since, and even like each other.

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Sam: we wanted a dog, we'd been married a month. I wanted a boxer; my husband wanted a black lab. The day after we finished tiling the floor in the new house, we saw an ad in the paper for puppies: lab boxer x! we picked him because he had less hair than his sisters, and my husband who has allergies rubbed him all over and didn't react. We had to go to the bank cause we hadn't brought money with us, so we didn't buy spontaneously! He was being kept by a girl who takes in puppies and finds them homes in our area.

Maia: I still wanted a boxer but there weren't any in our area at all. Finally heard about a litter of puppies ( byb... but they were using the $ to spay the mom)... 10 pups, we took out the 4 girls. One was named "houdini", I said no to that one. Maia had a black mask which is what I wanted, plain fawn. She was the smallest. I was pretty sure it would be her, and then I saw her pounce!!! Too cute.

Now that I've know of so many rescues though, I'd go that route in the future. Puppies are very hard to raise, but I've had really good luck with them so far!
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My reason was simple: Hunter was the chubbiest out of all the golden pups there
"The internet: where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents" -read it somewhere...
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Maddy: Maddy chose me. :queen: I was looking to adopt a cat, had just moved to Ontario a couple weeks earlier. I talked to a cat rescue, which wouldn't let me adopt because my cat's would possibly be allowed outside. I went to the Burlington SPCA and didn't find any that I was drawn to. Then I went to the Super Pet adoption center. She was in the top-rightmost cage, a little, 1yr old, shy, 7lb fuzzy tabby girl.

She was immediately cuddly, only barely interested in toys and threw an absolute paw-waving fit when taken away from me to go back in the cage. (staring at me the whole time) That was it, I knew I was picked. That was 9 years ago.

Klein: Klein is Maddy's cat. (Not that she'll admit it) He was the temporary houseguest that stayed. A friend was in between apartments and needed someone to take care of Klein for a month. Maddy was getting lonely due to my travel for work, so I said yes. Lo, the arrival of Klein the Lump. A 15+lb tabby who wouldn't come out from under the sofa unless you slid him out with a broom.

Still not a lap cat, but one of the smarter cats I've met and very good at training people. After the years, he has come out of his shell a great deal. That was 7 years ago.

Amos: My beautiful pup. :king: Right time, right place. I was just about to finalize a forever home for my horse and made the decision to get a dog; to keep me off the sofa (for my health) and to keep me too busy for horses (for my bank account's health). We went through the Dogs in Canada annual breed by breed for what we could and couldn't live with.
After coming to the realization:
1) we needed a fairly 'soft' dog for my boyfriend
2) we wanted a med/large dog
3) high energy to get me off the sofa and active
4) good with other animals (cats)
5) decent trainability
6) very 'sweet' looking due to young children downstairs and a landlord fearful of dogs.
7) an adolescent or adult dog. We did not have the schedule flexibility of a young pup

We decided on either a) an english setter b) a bearded collie c) a rescue of some type that fit.

We looked at rescues, shelters, petfinder. We talked to breeders. Right before going on vacation, we talked to a breeder that was 20 min from where we were vacationing with a 5 month old English Setter pup that 'might' be available. We visited, and fell in love with our little brown-speckly boy. A week later, the day my horse changed hands was the day we brought him home.

And I have to say that fitting 2 full-size adults, 2 cats and 1 nearly full-size ES on a double bed is quite the feat!
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Charlie, our cat, was left behind by his family. They were moving back to England and didn't want to have him in the carrier that long. They were planning on returning in 6 months and asked me to babysit and they would send me money in the mail.(yeah right) Its been almost 3 years now and he has turned out to be quite the character! They say they will be back this december, but Charlie's not going anyway, especially back to their house with their horrible kids.

Belle came to us because I wanted a dog and she wanted a better home. My sister's friends' mom had left the family and Belle was her dog, the father didn't want the dog so he tied her outside. 3 years later we heard about the poor girl and talked them into giving her to us. She was underweight, malnourished, filthy and terrified of people. Its been 2 years and she is a happy healthy 8 year old cutie!

I seen Shadows picture (dog) on the cochrane humane society's sight. She was old and sick. I wanted her because I didn't think anyone else would, and also wanted my boyfriend to have a dog that wasn't afraid of him. I won, she came home and she and boyfriend are best friends. Go figure. That was 1.5 years ago and she is 8.5 years old.

Wolf (dog) was being given away in a garage sale by some people we know. He was locked in his crate the majority of the time, we took him to foster him and find a good home. We never really looked for a good home, and so he found his forever home with us! Its been 1 year and he just turned 4.
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