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Old April 18th, 2007, 10:54 AM
nancya76 nancya76 is offline
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Min Schnauzer wont stop trembling!!!!

Hi folks I am new here and in need of some advice. I have a Miniature Schnauzer just over a year. On Sunday afternoon he woke up from a nap and was trembling pretty bad. He felt like a cell phone on vibrate. I watched him carefully and it seemed to go away but then he started hiding. He would not come in the house and when I finally got him in he hid under the bed and then in the closet. I thought it could have been my German shepherd getting on his nerves but soon realized this wasnít the case. I thought maybe they had been playing to rough and he got hurt but that didnít seem like it either. When he started trembling again and panting I decided to take him in to the vet. The vet asked if he had eaten anything that could have harmed him and I told him I hadnít noticed anything. I also told him that even though he has been trembling he had not stopped eating or drinking water. The vet took blood and said everything came back normal. He gave him a shot of cortisone and some pain medication. He said to keep an eye on him. When we got home he just wanted to lie in the couch and didnít move until it was bed time. This is very unlike him. He is usually torturing the shepherd any chance he gets. Yesterday morning he woke up and was perfectly okay. He was running around and playing just fine. Yesterday evening the shaking came back and he once again he didnít want to come in the house and even shrunk down when I went to pick him up. He had the trembles on and off most of the night but this morning once again woke up brand new. It is almost as if something is scaring him but I have no idea what it could be. Does any body have any idea of what this sounds like....any advice would be appreciated.....
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Old April 18th, 2007, 12:27 PM
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I would say physical, not behavioural, since you can't identify the cause (well, yet). Did the vet mention seizures?
Shaking is also associated with fever.
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Old April 18th, 2007, 02:37 PM
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is he kept outside all the time (you refer to bringing him in the house)? Could he be reacting to cold/temps or humidity? Maybe something happened outside?
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Old April 18th, 2007, 02:45 PM
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Min schnauzer

I thought seizures too and after doing some research online I decided to make him an appointment with his usual vet for this afternoon. The emergency on cal lvet I took him to on sunday took his temp and it was normal. To answer the other post no he isnt oustide all the time. my boys have a doggie door that they can go in and out whenever they like. But I did think something may have happened outside but then thought it would make more sense for him not to want to go outside versus not wanting to come in. I just hope I am being paranoid and he is okay!
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Old April 18th, 2007, 03:42 PM
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Poor little guy. Let us know what happens at the vet.
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Old April 18th, 2007, 05:33 PM
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Hi Nancyi76

As I read you post, I could totally picture the scene with your mini. I have a 7yr old Standard Schnauzer-Cagney. In spite of all the socialization we gave her; she has times when she is timid and shakes like a leaf. We have tried rescue remedy, positive training-you name it we've done it.
Cagney will shake and pant when she senses a thunderstorm. I think even when we don't hear it, she senses changes in the environment.
She will go into the bedroom, open the closet sliding door and wait there till she feels better.
I call her episodes "the fret". She becomes so serious and she is obviously very concerned.
We were advised to ignore her. All I want to do is hold her close and comfort her--that is the worse thing. We were advised from the vet to turn these moments into a time when she gets rewarded to say everything is fine....don't worry. It doesn't work with Cagney because she frets so much she won't take treats.
We have come to live with this. Cagney always turns the corner and shes ok.
When she trembles she often puts tucks her right leg up into paw position. She really shakes in the back end. Sometimes Cagney trembles so much her teeth chatters in her mouth-- this breaks my heart.

If any of this sounds familiar, it is not a seizure. Seizures are very intense and the dog falls down-most of the time depending on the type of seizure.

Thats our experience...it might not be the same with you. Continue to watch your dog to see what triggers this. Re Rescue Remedy-- I found by the time she had taken it and it start to work, the thunderstorm was gone. Then I have a drowsy dog!!!!!!
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Old January 15th, 2012, 08:29 AM
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minature schnauzer trembling

Betsy is 2 years old. She does this trembling thing also for no reason. The first time she started this was about 3 months ago. I took her to the vet and she did have a urniary track infection. She was checked again and it was all cleared up. Now she does this all the time. Going to the vet is very expensive and I am trying to see if anyone else has the same problem. I will take her to the vet if necessary. She is eating fine, playing in the yard fine. She does sleep a lot. When I cover her with her blanket she stops. Spoiled rotten is what I call her. I just never had a dog do this. She has a short haircut and maybe she is cold. I bought her a sweater and well you can imagine this she stands dead still and refuses to move. lol She runs this house. I just want to be assured she is not sick and this is just her way. Any help?
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Old September 27th, 2018, 01:53 PM
Tucogronk17 Tucogronk17 is offline
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Case of the spiteful schnauzer

So I read this forum a little too late after a horrid weekend at the vet's office. If I had read this forum before we took our Gronk to the doctor, we would have saved a few hundred dollars at the emergency room. So here is the story with the shaking and our dog.

Our black miniature schnauzer, Gronk, is about 10 months old. He has a sister (not related) that is the same breed but almost 2 years old. Gronk tends to be more social in the comforts of his own home but when he is taken to day care, he becomes anti-social. He is more of a human-dog than a dog-dog. We started taking him to day care for about the last month, twice a week. Tuco loves the day care and she loves making friends. Gronk appeared to like the day care but as time goes by, we noticed that he started hanging out with the staff at day care and if he wasn't with staff then he would just trot alone while his sister has her squad around her. Last Friday, we noticed that Gronk had a bad day. When I mean bad, I mean he came home and did not want to play with his family or his toys. He even refused to eat his dinner after a busy day at day care. It was so bad that for most of the night, Gronk would turn towards the corner of the couch and not look at us as he if wanted to be left alone. At this point, we thought that Gronk may be getting sick or we assumed that Gronk might have gotten bullied at the day care. I wanted to see if he was truly sick so I took a piece of chicken and he would only eat it if I hand fed it to him which gave me the relief sign that he was not sick and may he was just wanting some TLC. We ended up giving him a bath which miraculously turned his frown upside down. He was back to his normal self and was playing with his sister and us again.

Come Saturday, Gronk was doing okay. We took him out and he spent the day with my father in law and his two dogs. It wasn't until late at night around 11:00 PM while we were asleep that my fiance woke me up and said that Gronk was shaking. It almost was like a shaking pattern after he heard fireworks. The shaking was probably every 10 seconds for most of the night. No diarrhea, no vomiting, and he may have had a poop accident at night because he didn't do anything when we took him out. Anyways, the doctor was thinking he could be showing signs of pancreatitis but his vitals were normal. Gronk ended up getting the test done for Pancreatitis and was given fluids and Tramadol to have for his "pain." We took him and the shakes were gone. It was not until I went out to get some errands done that I got a call that Gronk was found in the bathroom holed up and shaking again. After reading the previous post, I came to the conclusion that Gronk was having behavioral issues and was doing this to get some love and attention. I had to instruct my fiance to not caudle him when he does this and that he will be fine. Since we stopped paying attention to him when he would pull this one on us, he has stopped the shakes all together. We lost 300 dollars to the ER and even got a call from the doctor that our loving doting puppy was negative for Pancreatitis. Gronk was surely having behavioral issues all because he wants to stop going to day care. He is back at day care and mom and dad had to have a heart to heart talk to our baby boy that he needs to suck it up. I think he learned his lesson!
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