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Old March 1st, 2008, 10:31 PM
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New concern

Maggie is now 4 months old and looking at the puppy stages of development shes starting that evil Brat stage

Is there majorly anything i need to watch out for ? (shes a german shepard/great pryanese mix)

Shes got abit of a routine she goes through of coarse (her walking in a certain pattern around 4-6 houses)

Just walking her is starting to become a pain, she doesn't listen to me alot of the times. it seems like walking times is "her way or the highway" i want her to go one way but she goes another and i nearly fall flat on my back each time cause shes getting quite powerful but shes a curious ddog i know but i want her to stay close to me so she doesn't get hurt.

She was nearly hit by a car about 3 times already.

Her picking up garbage i'm working on cause she vomits alot when it decides to come back up. but thats a W.I.P :P

Mostly just the walking is a concern and her paying attention to me while shes out walking with me
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Old March 1st, 2008, 11:18 PM
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for her staying near to you wll take some work. i am assuming you mean on leash. i would start out by everyday put her on umbilical for as much time as you can, and do that when you walk her, it gives you more stability. also if you have a field near by, or a big yard, put her on umbilical and start out at a quick jog and do sudden, random turns going all over the place, also do some random stop and pull up and make her sit by your side. she will get 'hung up' (while your changing directions)a few times,which she will want to avoid, so she will start paying attention to as your walking, you can also do this on the street i just find if you do happen to fall, which i will admit, i have done a few times, it hurts less on grass. so just work on umbilical for the next couple of weeks, and if you are consistent enough it will make a huge difference.

Also when your walking her and you need to stop for what ever reason she should sit calmly and wait by your side untill your ready to go, so everytime you stop pull up on the leash to get her to sit, after a while this will become automatic for her. and if you do this with umbilical her 'automatic sits' become really speedy.

When you are walking her, and she goes ahead of you, even the littlest bit (when she leave heel position) do a sharp 180 degree turn and start walking, and after that happens a few times she will learn 'oh, you want me to not go ahead of you'.

What type of collar are you using a plain buckle collar, a head halter, a martingale (which i reccomend ) i find the head halter and martingale work the best, but a plain buckle collar is fine also.

hope all of this helps, keep us updated on how she is doing.

oo, also, ps. i reccomend putting her in a puppy classs (for socialization) if they offer that near you or puppy obdience, start doing obdience as soon as you can with her, unless of course you have already started.
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Old March 1st, 2008, 11:43 PM
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I also recommend going to Puppy Obedience classes.....you will never regret it.
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Old March 2nd, 2008, 05:35 AM
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I'm really big on being strict with a pup. Maybe it was because I was raised by strict parents? lol

Anyway, I try to let nothing slide at all. Pup gets nothing of what she wants unless she does something for it. And, she is to go my way and not her way and that's that - no discussion.

Sheeba is almost 4 months old as well. But from.... well... birth... I have worked with her in many ways. As soon as all the other rescue puppies from her litter left, I started "training" her. It began with requiring a sit for treats moving on to sit for regular food. Now it's sit for toys, sit for opening door to go potty, sit for coming back in and sit for going to play. I also mix in other commands now, trying to get her to roo roo instead of bark because her bark is really loud and the roo roo is much cuter anyway. Any time food, toys or treats come around her butt goes to the floor in a flash because she knows she won't get it unless she's still and quiet and she's now doing it on her own without commands. She will even offer her paws for shake to try to get stuff faster. It's really cute to watch. But I make her follow through with what I ask before I give up treats or whatever.

Have you ever watched the Dog Whisperer show on National Geographic Channel? Cesar's walking method might be something you can try. Don't grip the leash with an iron grip or tense up. The dog can feel that and will respond accordingly. Walk with head held high, pretending to be the leader of all leaders and the confidence will also be felt by your dog and she hopefully will think, "wow this guy really knows his stuff, I better stick close and follow."

Another way to get her to do better in walks is to make it really fun to follow you instead of going off on her own. When dogs usually get away, sometimes they will skirt around you if you try to move towards them (especially when perturbed at them). So, do the opposite and run away. Then you become something fun to follow.

Also you can practice leash walking by using the leader stance, don't iron grip the leash, walk around at a quick pace and change directions often. The dog has no choice then but to keep up with you.

People always say to go to puppy class or get a trainer. But I'm old school and prefer to do things myself. Why should I pay someone to teach me something that I can learn 10 times faster from a book and experience? I don't have much patience for that type of scenario which is why I quit going to college. lol (Lots of services out there stretch the training over a longer period of time so they can justify making more money which I consider dishonest.) So I do lots and lots and lots of reading every day, buy books when I find some that appeal to me, and learn new skills that way. So here's a book that I think is helpful in dog training.

Canine Good Citizen - Every Dog Can Be One by Jack and Wendy Volhard. It's cheap on Amazon.ca But if you're in a bigger city then you can browse that book at a bookstore or library. Self education is very important and not just with dog training.
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Old March 2nd, 2008, 06:58 AM
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I have never had a problem walking Lukka and she is a very powerful doggy.
For her clicker training worked magic. I started her in puppy classes at about 14 wks. and by the time she was five months old she was a perfect leash walker. As you can see it didn't take long for her to get the idea, and I walked her in an area that did have a few distractions once she got the hang of things. Now I can take her in the woods and we come upon turkeys, rabbits, ground hogs, deer, coyotes, you name it, she does as I ask and stays at a walking speed that I set.
Lukka Jan.20 2006 - Aug.19 2008
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