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Old April 9th, 2014, 11:28 PM
Crazy Cat Mom Crazy Cat Mom is offline
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You said your cat is walking like he's drunk & tipping over? I experienced this dame sudden onset with 2 different cats within a few years time. In both instances it was a stroke. No cause was ever determined as borh cats were relatively young (5 & 7) and very healthy & active & indoor only. It came on suddenly, one while sleeping the other while sitting on a chair gazing out the window. Sadly, for us, the only option was euthanasia because cats do not recover. I wish you well with your cat & pray for a curable cause for his problem.
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Old April 16th, 2014, 04:30 PM
Kris35 Kris35 is offline
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Hi CCM, thanks for your reply and so sorry to hear about your cats. But fortunately, my cat has had a miraculous recovery. I can only put it down to an alternative vet who gave her laser therapy, or if not that, well, I really ahve no idea. My girl is running around and being her usual demanding self again. Unbelievable as I really thought she wouldn't recover. So happy!!
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Old September 27th, 2014, 02:06 PM
wbaccus wbaccus is offline
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We found this thread useful when researching the issues with our kitten.

After months and months of visits and several bouts of periodic near lameness in our 1 year-old Siberian, we finally got the right diagnosis, and it's something that I haven't yet seen mentioned in this thread.

Mallow came to us at 10 weeks old, and was doing a lot of sneezing early on. He also had some eye discharge.

At around a month in, we noticed that his gait was a bit off, which progressed into him walking low to the ground and then to the point where he would just take 3 or 4 steps and then stop.

We took him to the vet, where he got some anti-biotics and pain medicine and an x-ray. Everything looked fine and they couldn't explain it. He got better gradually and was back to 100% after about 10 days.

About 4 weeks later, his 2nd eyelid got irritated and the whole process began again. He went downhill until he couldn't walk.

Other issues we've seen: he can't handle dry food well. He tries to swallow it whole, but ends up spitting it back up and then eating it when it's softer.

We took him to a surgical specialist and the had no diagnosis for us.

The vet also pointed out that he was dealing with stomatitis and was telling us to consider having his teeth pulled.

We were pretty much ready to do that when we figured out the real issue on our own.

We contacted the breeder and she asked her own vet and within 24 hours he had a possibility: FCV (calicivirus).

Our vet discounted the idea, but we asked him to test for it. The test involved putting him under while he scraped the back of his throat, and scraped under his eye, so it's not something that can be done with a simple blood test.

Mallow is up to date on vaccinations, so he HAS been vaccinated for FCV, but he still has it anyway, so if you have a cat with these symptoms, make sure to have them test for FCV.
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Old September 27th, 2014, 03:01 PM
Kris35 Kris35 is offline
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I had forgotten about this forum until I just got a notification for this thread. Glad your cat is ok now wbaccus. Its important we get this info out there isnt it - I find vets haven't a clue about some issues.
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Old November 30th, 2014, 12:21 AM
Jascat Jascat is offline
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Unhappy Glad I found this site and sad because my girl kitten, The Baby is ill.

Hello everyone,

I am so glad to have found this site as it has let me know that I am not alone when it come to this illness. Today I noticed that my otherwise healthy 7mth old kitten could not hardly walk on her hind legs. It's as if the right foot is hurting and she seemed to flintch whenever she tried to walk on it causing her to limp. I didn't think much of it at first, until I went to the store and when I returned home it seemed she was flinching on the left foot, and as I watched her walk more she started actling like she her front paw were hurting too. This is when I started wondering if she had been hurt when I went to bed the night before, but how and with what. After I fed her, she used her litter box and then she made her way to my bedroom and got up on the bed and went to sleep. She stayed in there well through dinner and I had to go get her out of the bed and take her to her food bowl. She did eat, dry food and then she went back to my room for more sleep. I pray that she is better tomorrow as I recently got her dry cat food today, that she had ran out of. I did not have anything for her to eat on yesterday, so I fed her ham. Now after reading this site and doing a little more google digging I've found that ham is bad for cats in large quanitities. I'm prayerful that getting her back on her regular diet she will snap out of the lethargy and her limbs will heal and she will be her usual playful self. Till the morning that's all I can do. Thank you for being here, I will monitor her progress over the next couple of days and report back.

Thank you all.
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Old January 22nd, 2015, 11:58 AM
carolm carolm is offline
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Hello, I am new here... like others, I came across this thread via Google and found it very helpful! My cat Frip started displaying hind-leg weakness about 3 months ago, at age 11 months. He didn't appear to be in pain but seemed lethargic. I took him to the vet who did an X-ray that came back normal. The vet said he might have fallen or injured himself. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication. After a few weeks, Frip seemed perkier, didn't seem in any discomfort, but the hind-leg weakness was still there. At the suggestion of friends I took him to see an osteopathic vet (we live in France, and that's fairly common here). This vet said he detected "blockage" on Frip's spinal column. He did a chiropractic-type manipulation, and said to expect improvement in a week or so. Instead the opposite happened: within 48 hours Frip was almost completely paralyzed, became incontinent, was so weak he could barely lift his head over the edge of his food dish. So, back to the first vet. This time he did a full battery of tests including blood workup and scans of heart and abdominal region. All came back normal, with two exceptions: elevated globulin in the blood, and a mass in the abdomen which turned out to be a very enlarged lymph node. Since Frip is partly Maine Coon, we also had his DNA tested for spinal muscular atrophy. That came back negative also. While waiting for the results the vet gave Frip an antibiotic injection; then when the results came back he gave an injection of cortisone. Frip is definitely much better, can walk around, go up & down stairs, eating normally and no more incontinence.... but the hind leg weakness is STILL there.
I've read over this thread pretty carefully ... it seems as if possible avenues to pursue might be:
1. Deficiency of potassium and/or Vitamin E or some other nutrient
2. Neurological damage perhaps related to chemical exposure (e.g flea treatment which we apply every 6 weeks or so, as he does go outdoors into our small, walled-in garden)
3. Neurological or other damage from some injury that we still haven't detected.
4. Lyme disease. We found a tick on Frip about a month after the hind-leg weakness first appeared, but it hadn't burrowed in and we promptly removed it. This seems like a longshot, as I don't think there's much Lyme disease in France.
I'm taking Frip back for a checkup next week and would be most grateful for any additions to this list or other suggestions of things to discuss with the vet. By the way, Frip's diet consists of dry food (Royal Canin brand, for sterilized cats) and a daily dollop of plain unflavored yogurt which he loves. Many, many thanks for any help you can offer!
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