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Old February 7th, 2012, 07:47 AM
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Question 15 y/o HT tiny kitty, weak hind legs - HELP!

Where to start...

For awhile now, my kitty has had hind leg weakness. She's been HyperThyroid for a few years now, && is on Methimazole. She takes half a 5 mg pill twice a day/every 12 hours.

Her hind leg weakness is bad enough now, she has a hard time standing up to poop, && most of the time either I, or my husband have to help her, because she will wobble EVERYWHERE, && can't poop from hardly being able to brace herself, or she will poop, then step in it. .

Our vet says he doesn't know what it is, && seems to think it's Arthritis. We tried Feline Pain Plus for a month or two, but there wasn't a difference, so we stopped. We also did x-rays, && they didn't show anything. She has had her Potassium levels checked, && the vet said they were normal.

She had a lot of coughing a few months back, that we always thought were hairballs. I noticed her breathing very fast, && her heart rate was ridiculously high, like she just got done playing, but it would be constant, so the vet put her on Prednisolone 5mg tablets. She had been treated for Asthma in the past, so I thought it was her Asthma acting up again, but the vet says he doesn't think she has Asthma. We started out 1 pill every 12 hours, && then she just ended up peeing in her sleep, so we lowered her down to one pill a day. She started coughing again, so I started giving her a half a pill in the evening.

Then she started straining to pee, && there was some blood... I also noticed that the clumps she was leaving int he litterbox were very small. She was going to the litterbox like 9426747 times an hour, so we took her to the ER vet. They said she had a Bladder infection, gave us some Amoxicillin, && Buprenorphine && told us to recheck in a week or so. Had my reg vet recheck everything, they weren't able to obtain a sterile urine sample, && neither was the ER vet. [She's VERY fussy, && HATES being handled. Coupling this with her crazy high stress level from being in the car, cause she HATES the car, she pees in her carrier every time we take her to the vet, && with her whole breathing thing, they didn't want to keep trying for fear of stressing her too much.] Everytime my reg vet went to go get her out of her kennel, she would end up peeing [poor baby ] They have since told me to go ahead && bring in a pee pee sample free catch, which won't be accurate, but better than nothing. My reg vet was very concerned about her being on Amoxicillin for her bladder issue, && was wanting to put her on Clavamox, but after her blood came back, said it appears that she is responding to the Amoxicillin, && to continue giving it to her.

The ER vet seemed very concerned that she was on Prednisolone, && wants us to wean her off. We tried tapering it down, but all it really did, was make her start coughing again. As of now, we are doing half a 5 mg pill every twelve hours/twice a day. This seems to be working okay.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that her eyes are fully dilated... && they have been pretty much that way ever since... Sometimes they get slightly smaller. I asked the vet about it, && asked him about Glaucoma. He said I shouldn't be too worried, that he doesn't seem to think she had that,. && that he has seen in older cats, that sometimes their eyes get that way from old age, && from not feeling well.

That doesn't sit well with me at all, && I call bull****. I have also noticed that sometimes when she eats, she grinds her teeth...

From her last bloodwork, her white && red cell counts were elevated. Her white was like 39k I believe, but has since gone down since we retook it. We believe it was that high because of her infection.

From all her symptoms, I have though Diabetes, CRF/RF/CKD && Hyperparathyroidism. But I don't really know, because so many of the same symptoms can be different things.

He did say her urine was very dilute && there was SOME glucose in her urine, but he didn't feel it was enough to raise concern. He also mentioned she is slightly anemic, but not enough to raise concern.

I grabbed some B ComplexVET from Thorne Research last week, && have been trying to put it in her food, but it stinks, && it does NOT taste nice [I always try to taste most things before I give it to my cats] I wish she would nom it up, because I want to see if that helps with the Anemia bit. I also got some Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to put in her food. She's really just not having it.

I have fed Wellness canned Chicken in the past for a long time. As of lately, she's been super picky eating... Currently, I am feeding her Wellness Kitten canned. I haven't fed dry since 2009. So some of the foods we've had on rotation are:

[ALL canned]


Chicken, Turkey, CORE Chicken Turkey && Chicken Liver.

Pouches: Chicken && Chicken Liver, Turkey && Duck, Turkey && Chicken.

For awhile this last Summer 2011, we fed the Chicken Wellness with Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken Raw Frozen Medallions. We are no longer feeding this, but might try again.

We were also feeding the Lamb, Duck, && Rabbit cannned Instinct as well, but I am just feeding the Wellness kitten right now.

Sometimes to entice her to eat, I crumble these freeze dried chicken treats from Whole Life onto her food. That usually gets her to eat. If she's really being difficult, I will pop open a can of Starkist Very Low Sodium tuna in water && put some of the juice into her food. I don't really like doing this, as I know it's not very good for cats, but sometimes I need her to eat, regardless of how healthy it might be.

So, the other day, we shampooed our carpets, && I laid out towels EVERYWHERE. I put the litter boxes back, but I keep finding pee spots all over towels... She will not go in her litter box anymore, so she is now confined to our bedroom, which is now a wall to wall sea of puppy pads. She has gotten into the litter box twice. Once to poop, which didn't go well, && of course after, she rubbed her butt alllllllllllll over the floor, which she has also been doing a lot of lately. I believe pooping is irritating her butt. We also give Lactulose for constipation. Her poop lately has been quite large, && firm, so I am slowly upping the dose, because when we give slightly too much, it's so runny, that it just makes a huge mess, && she get's it EVERYWHERE.

As an experiment, I took the litter out of one of her litterboxes, && put a few puppy pads in it, && have been putting her in there, as well as her litterbox... She will not go in it. Earlier, I brought her into the living room to hang out for a bit as I watched her, && I brought one puppy pad with me, && set it down by her, just in case, cause if she started to squat on the carpet, I wanted to be able to slide it under her as quick as possible. She went right to the box, && peed. I have been wondering if it's because of the towels, that she was like okay yay, I can pee here now!

We use low, clear plastic storage containers. They are probably only about 3 - 4 inches high, with Swheatscoop litter. I have also been thinking of getting a lower storage container, maybe just a couple inches tall, to see if that will maybe get her to go back into the litterbox. Also saw some sort of puppy pad litter box, which I thought was kind of neat as well...

She seems very uncomfortable, && very wobbly. I have been heating up a hot pad, which is made of some sort of clay squishy material, I made her a makeshift bed out of a cardboard container that was used for a flat of canned food, lined with 4 layers of soft towels, then with the hot pad under two layers of towels, && she really seems to like being there. Even when the hot pad isn't heated up. I believe it is more comfortable for her, sort of like how a human might find memory foam better than a hardwood floor. She has also been laying a lot on my husbands pillow.

When she walks, she walks on her tiptoes, not plantigrade. But it's very stiff, && sometimes as if she's trying to walk without having her paws touch the floor [if that even makes sense] I can possibly attempt to record a short video if that will help. On bare floor, she has a hard time, because she has no traction, so it's like watching Bambi, because it's slippery. The last few days when I have tried to pick her up, she will try to get away from me, or meow when I do. I believe she has some sort of muscle pain? Or just simply uncomfortable. She def still purrs, && wants to be loved && cuddled.

She has basically NO muscle mass, && her spine is very bony. Last time she was weighed, I believe she weighs just shy of 5 lbs? Or 5 lbs. She's always been a small cat, but this is ridiculous.

We have been though 7 different vets int he last 5 or so years... I have found my experience to be that the vets has no idea WTF they are doing, are RUDE, stuck up, snobby, && make you feel uncomfortable asking questions, are idiots, or just simply trying to suck as much money out of you as possible && don't really give a rat's ass about anything other than money.

When we switched her over to wet food from dry, Diabetes was talked about && I mentioned if we should be testing her glucose levels every day, && the vet told me that was stupid, since cat's eat the same thing every day, there is no reason to monitor their glucose more than every few months.

I wanted to kick her in the twat. That really pissed me off, I left && never came back.

Right now, I am BEYOND frustrated with every vet, including our current one, && I HAVE NO IDEA what to do anymore!! . It's not fair to my poor, sweet kitty, me, my husband, or either of our wallets. We've spent soooooooo much money lately, to the point where we're in debt because of it, without results. That's the worst part is no result.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them, or ideas, thoughts, anything, please!

The vet mentioned that her liver values && kidney values are slightly elevated, but that could also be because of the Prednislone that she's on. Hopefully I can get all of her paperwork today, so that I can post ALL of her values for you guys to see, because I know that will help a lot.

I have been reading her for quite some time, checking things out, Googling like a mad women, but have just not had any time to post. So far, this has taken me 45 minutes to write, lol.

I am seeing a Holistic vet, the second so far. Of course, he also uses Western/Traditional medicine as well.

Another thing to add, my other kitty, a boy, is on Famotidine liquid... I have added a bit to my girl kitties food, even though it is not her prescription, but I haven't been able to tell if it is helping or not. I do have her food bowels raised as well.

I also give her her pills in those Greenies Pill Pockets. Salmon flavor. I would rather not, but pilling a cat isn't nice, && crushing them to put into her food wasn't working anymore, because she doesn't eat all her food at once. She tends to eat in little spurts throughout the day.

Please forgive my lack of paragraph organization/fluidity, I have been very stressed lately because of this, && haven't been sleeping well, && I kept remembering things out of order, && was too lazy to go back && reedit all of this, lol.

Anything you can help with is much appreciated! I will be checking back frequently to update! Thank you. .

P.S. Just remembered... The other day, she threw up yellow liquid... Which I assume was bile? First time she's EVER done that...

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