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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Not beeing familiar with test-results numbers etcDuffys results were pretty good,right>
Your homeopathic vet seems wonderful
Not meaning to butt in on Duffys post,but if butternut squash is good for constipation,how can it help Rockys runny poop??
Yes Duffy's numbers were pretty good - the blood numbers did not go up very much better than a large jump like the last time. They are stable
He is wonderful
Like SCM says it regulates water volume in the gut if too much it will remove it if not enough it will add it - I call it the Magic Vegetable, Duffy gets some in her breakfast & dinner along with a teaspoon of water added, her poops have been alittle softer since having both on a consistant basis.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Have you tried giving Duffy a few drops of inner-leaf aloe vera juice (Lily of the Desert is a good one)? This can sometimes help improve motility.
No I hadn't heard of using that, thanks for the tip. I already have the organic ground flax seed, mixed some in & she ate it no problem. We'll see how the flax seed works, the next steps would be intramuscular needle physio and hyper-sensitivity testing of the proteins she's getting to see if 1 in particular is causing discomfort. I would definately prefer to relax that energy area & find out if she has a problem with 1 protein then we could fix the issue.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Not sure I agree with this, I think it depends on the nature of the chip. Aztec had a chipped canine that did eventually effect the tooth pulp to the point that it had exploded out the end of the root. It never appeared painful, even to touch, but by the time it got pulled it was in pretty bad shape.
Poor Aztec :sad: I suppose it is of course possible for any chipped tooth to lead to cavity, especially depending on the depth of the chip & at what angle too. In his experience/training the chips have never lead to cavities. Duffy's lower canine has a very small chip (around 1 mm) right @ the very tip that has a very slight angle down towards her inner mouth. H dr took the metal probe, they use for scaling, tapped on the end of all her canines & lightly scraped them too no reaction. Plus I often end up touching that tooth while pilling her twice a day also no reaction. Lets hope she has no issues with it The tooth she has a reabsorptive lesion showed a definative reaction to the probe.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Sounds fabulous! If I didn't like my vet as much as I do, I'd totally check out a more holistic option. Problem is, I also love the fact that my vet is cats-only (and she has Feliway diffusers in every exam room!). There's a holistic vet very close to me that is pro-raw, but it's also a general practice.
It is fabulous! I love the clinic & the homeopathic approach, I don't think I could go back to conventional unless in emergency situtations

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
A glowing report!! You're doing such a good job with Duffy, growler. She's very lucky to have you.

And I think I'm in love with your homeopathic vet! Does he do dogs? Long distance?
Yes he does dogs. He also does phone consults but I think he still prefers to see them for @ least the first visit. Pack up the Pack & come on over

The front office staff quite often have their dogs in the clinic, as well as H dr's dogs, it's very cute they wander around saying hi to everyone & playing with each other. But of course if your animal is not comfortable with the dogs near they will kept them behind the counter.

Duffy is so funny she has no reaction to the calm larger dogs coming over to take a peek but she does not like the one girls' bouncy little blonde cocker spaniel. Of course she grew up with all large dogs some hyper some calm & my sister has a hyper little chocolate cocker spaniel which Duffy doesn't like
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