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Originally Posted by r0bb53 View Post
hey guys im new to this site. my name is Rob and i have a 9 year old German Shepherd/Akita named Timber. About a week ago after we came back from our house in the country he started doing a slight dry heaving and we thought nothing of it as he does tend to eat grass and throw up from it. as days have went on it got worse and he was now retching and throwing up white foam. we took him to the vet and all tests came back negative. the symptoms continued and his mood started to change where he would not greet us at the door anymore, he sleeps a lot more and not sure if this is related but he poops in the house small amounts and it is soft (never poops in house) and it seems to us he doesnt realize he is doing it. he eats very little but seems to be drinking water regularly. we took him to a veterinary hospital in new york city, he stayed over night and still all tests came back negative as well as xrays. we are at a loss here and have no idea how to help him. any suggestions? and he is up to date on all of his shots.
Welcome to the board Rob
I'm sorry you are going though this with your sweet boy. Has he had an abdominal ultrasound or CT scan? I have no use for x-rays when it comes to tummy issues. The reason is that we have a Malamute that has Pica. Our vets thought he had a blockage (on more than one occasion) and we went through several sets of x-rays all showing absolutely nothing. This went on for about 3 weeks. He had a lot of similar symptoms to your boy, except ours was bloated as well (looked like a little cow some days), but he was also on Prednisone which makes them bloated. Anyway, they finally decided to to a Barium swallow and Ultrasound. At the end of the day, when we picked him up, they said it looked like there "might" be something in his stomach, but nothing they would "hang their hat on". So we left, frustrated, again. Later that night I took him out for a potty and he started to poop. I'll spare you all the disgusting details, but what came out was a shock! He had swallowed, and pooped out, a whole rope chew toy... knots, tassels and all, about 10 inches long
The next night he pooped out a sock. 2 days later he pooped out another sock! Then a stuffed toy he had eaten at daycare a couple weeks before. He had all that in his little tummy and the x-rays (about 4 different sets) didn't see any of it!

Our other boy gets similar symptoms as well. He had been through many tests. All blood tests normal etc. So we just lived with it for years and chalked it up to a sick tummy. 2 yrs ago he got really sick again. We took him to a different vet and they diagnosed him with Colitis. Maybe ask your vet about that as well. It won't show up in any blood test they do. Good luck and please let us know how he is doing. I would love to see a pic of him
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