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I'm a single person, and basically I've been spending 24/7 with DJ since he got out of the hospital Thursday night. If it happens to be his time to go shortly, I will be at peace with it as long as I do everything I can to give him a fighting chance.
I've been on the internet researching, and found another support group Friday and found this one last night. I AM SO THANKFUL someone from this group suggested Royal Canine LP and to try different Petsmarts to get it.
Between 3pm - 8pm yesterday I thought I was going to loose DJ, I took him outside to go to the bathroom for about 10mins arnd 3pm, 86 degrees and humid, he collasped out side, I had to carry him in. I put him on my bed and turned on the air conditioner, he lay there with his eyes shut not moving then he had the "runs" on my bed without moving, it looked like his body was shutting down and he was giving up. About 5 pm he lifted his head up and tried to sit up, his front legs gave out, he finally started to come around around 8pm last night. Today he is better - about 50% energy level ( Sunday - monday and Tuesday he was at about 75% energy level.

I told the Vet yesterday if still wasn't eating their K/D or A/D brand moist food. the Vet said come and get the fry KD and soak it in low sodium chicken broth.But if he doesn't eat the KD dry food I was going to get this morning(the only brands the Vet Clinic offers KD and AD) then his Kidneys are probably to far gone - they NEVER OFFERED TO TELL ME there were other brands of perscription kidney food out there. Late last night I found another support group for CRF Canines on Yahoo, they suggested another perscription Kidney food Royal Canine LP and that certain Petsmarts carry it. Well I drove to the Vet got the perscription for that and needles and LRS and found a Petsmart that carried it - As soon as I opened the can DJ started wagging his tail and Eating......
When I got the perscriptions from my Vet today they said that they were vwrong and did carry smaller gauge needles and they gave me some 20g to get me by till I can oder some online .
I will try calling local pharmacies agn to see if they can order it, I found a Costco Branch that has the LRS much cheaper.
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