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I tried putting in chicken breast and pure bites chicken treats in the food - he picked it out, Tomorrow Vet is going to give me dry KD food and she told me to soak it in low sodium chicken broth.

He did come back for the food he hid but only carried it to another spot,

- Sat was the first time giving him LRS at home(no problem)today was the second time I gave him LRS - not good - he fought me trying to put the needle in I put a cone on his head and it still was VERY difficult 3-4 times he jerked out the needle, finally got it to stay in, once in he laid down very calmly - called Vet, not much help, and asked her about Temuro thin walled needles - said she never heard of them - said all they had was the monojet 18g or 27g - I think Temuro 19 or 20 might work better than the monojet 18g they gave me,

I've been on the internet and calling pharmacies around Mpls for about 6 hours today to try and find some(I don't want to wait to get it online his next LRS treatment is Thursday - and the Vet said they can only hand write a perscription and not fax or call it in, so for the internet I will have to mail in the perscription.
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