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yes she has used a litter box and yes we have used diffrent flushable litters (a flush-able litter was what we used durring her training) and we used one during her training and she was pooping into the bowl of litter that was under the toilet seat.

I dont think your concerns are warranted with a 2 year old cat having issues getting out of a toilet bowl should she happen to fall in. she is able enough to get herself out.

is there anyone here that doesn't have a negative opinion on this? Beacuse I was asking for help training not for people to tell me this is wrong for a cat. there are many cats that have been trained to use a toilet and use it very well. there is no reason that anyone should not give it a shot .. its better hygienically for the cat, easier on the wallet and environment. Sorry to come off so strong here, im asking for help but the answers don't answer the question.

yes we do own but its in our strata bylaws (we agree is ridiculous). we are able to get litter up hell we've done it for the last 2 years.

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