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Some are easy questions some are hard.

Here goes. ...If you want to print an image at some point in the future choose 7M (megs) if you only want it for the web, choose .3 (megs)

as for aspect advice take a shot at all 3 and check out the difference for yourself..ultimately it's a matter of taste...16:9 will yield a more panoramic (very wide)image. I believe that 3:2 will give you conventional sized proportions to make 6x4 inch prints easily.

for shutter - there MUST be other choices like 1/60 or 1/125...choose one of those if you must choose. Otherwise I would set the camera on automatic though...let the camera do its thing by keeping it on its DEFAULT settings if you don't want to get set the camera on'll need to play with the camera modes probably on some dial or in the camera's menu...or read a bit of the manual...every camera is different.

pict mode 30fps/VGA 10fps/VGA 30fps/QVGA 10fps/QVGA has to do with video in your camera....

Hope that helps a wee bit.


Not looking for tech talk, just simple to understand info. I am the first to admit I have never had any photography courses and little experience in taking pics, but could someone please help me to set this camera for the best still shots in outdoor sunlight. Mainly scenery
I need a simple ex. of what aspect ratio is. I have a choice of 4:3 3:2 16:9. Where should I set it?
Same for pic size, 7M 5M 3M 2M 1M 0.3M? Which one to set at?
Shutter 1/8- 1/4- 1/2- 1-. Which one?
Pict. Mode, I can set to 30fps/VGA 10fps/VGA 30fps/QVGA 10fps/QVGA I don't know which to select here either.
Any help would be great, and I understand that it can get very indepth when talking photography, but if you can keep it as simple as possible I would appreciate it. I will take a course down the road, but just don't have the time at the moment.
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