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Years ago, I babysat my pop's border collie. Tippy loved to chase cats. Not hurt them, just chase them. Anyhow, we let him know Puss-Puss was strictly off-limits. He would sit and look at her and tremble, but we told him "No!" if he started towards her. Puss-Puss, the heathen, knew she was untouchable! She stayed in the kitchen, arched her back Halloween-kitty style and tippy-toe glided across the floor with a hissy yowl on her face. Then she flopped on her back, exposed her stomach, and waved her feet at him, with the same expression. We were howling! And poor Tippy sat there and just shook! By the end of the week, Tippy learned to ignore her. He accepted that she belonged to the pack and left her alone. She remained leery and darted around, but I know she was enjoying teasing him. Cats and dogs can be wonderful together!
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