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Thanks, everyone, for the great suggestions. I have plenty of time to start bringing his dogs over and give the one-dog-at-a-time a try.

And, Sandi, I wasn't singling out the GSD. It's just that he's the more aggressive and protective of the three (and very large, with big teeth). I love all animals, but I've never owned, or really hung out with dogs until I met my BF. The Brussels puppy travels with my BF and seems to love and want to play with any animals he meets, so I was a little less concerned about him. The Lhasa is quite old, he's deaf, pretty much blind and doesn't get around very well, except to the food bowl and his bed, so I don't think he'll care too much.

I've already started swapping scents, bringing my cats brushes and such over to the boys and vise versa.

I'll keep you all posted as to my progress. THANKS AGAIN!
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