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Seed Eaters

Recently I posted an item about seeing a bird at our feeder that we hadn't seen in a long time.........Rose-breasted Nuthatch.

Since that posting we have noticed that it seems to be a regular to the feeder....

In the past day or two we have also become aware that there are more of them.... we've seen two at a sits on the clothesline while the other one is at the feeder........I supposed waiting its turn.

Something I forgot to mention though is that within the past month ......when it was a little cooler a couple of days,,,,,,,,we also had a Junco at the feeder.....In late July, that is very unusual because they are a migratory bird that comes through in the Spring and Fall, not during July.......Just thought it was sort of strange.

By the way, this is Ev typing.
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