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Question Question about cat food

I'm looking into a better cat food for my cats - they eat dry (I know many people try and push wet, but it is not an option for my four for many varied reasons, one being it makes them all throw up). I am mostly looking for something specifically for one of my boys who throws up a lot. He's been to the vet and hundreds of dollars later, he has a clean bill of health. The vet believes it is a mixture of him eating too fast, and having the cat equivalent of gastric reflux.

I'd like to try a grain free kibble, with a higher meat content and have been looking at Orijen, but it's bloody impossible to find close to me, and the shipping is just ridiculous (almost $50 for a five pound bag is INSANE). So I am wondering if anyone knows of a pet food store in Nova Scotia that sells Orijen? I live in Cape Breton.
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