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Here I go against the grain again...

I support having the right to make that call for my own animals, I would never do it for any reason other than a dog being in excruciating pain and the drive to a vet to have him or her euthanized would only prolong amount of time suffering. Even though legally we could shoot our dogs when we make the descision to end their life ie, looking back now at how stressed and panicked Meiko was when I took him to be put down last year and having him reacting to my reactions of being at the vets to put him down, I would have much rather him have a nice walk out to the bush where he was always so happy to be and have his pain end.

As a horse owner I have the option as well to have my horse euthanized or shot. I only will accept shot for my horses for many reasons, one being putting the poision of a euthanized animal in the ground and fear of something digging them up and us not having adequate resources to dig such a whole ( for those who understand this, we do not have deadstock service here at all) another being how fast it is for them. I have seen 2 horses euthanized and both reared straight up then fell, it was very disturbing, i would rather them just go down.
There are appropriate guns and bullets to use, and ones used in the case of Buddy were only appropriate for birds.
Had he used the proper gun, Buddy would have not suffered at all.
I am pleased with the charges laid but I do hope his guns are removed and he needing to reapply after a specific amount of time as clearly he has no business firing a gun at anything living.
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