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My town has a farmer's market in the summer and fall where local farmers sell their produce, a lot of it organic. I just adore the farmer's market! Plus there are always a couple of dogs hanging out there helping sell stuff. A dog is a great salesperson!

I am a vegan, so I do eat a lot of veggies when I can. When I shop at the supermarket, I try to buy organic if I have the money. For a while, I had a list of which fruits/veggies had the highest levels of pesticides used on them and I would buy them organic and everything else would be conventional. I also will buy produce that is grown locally over produce that is shipped from who knows where.

I go to the health food store (whole foods) every 2-3 weeks, they have a great selection but are so insanely expensive, I only buy things there that I can't find anywhere else.
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