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Well I really do not want to get my hopes up, but yesterday, I dug out a bag of the raw food I bought for her online a few months ago. I remember she wouldn't eat it raw so I had cooked it for her but she still wouldnt touch it back then. Yesterday, I lightly boiled it and hand fed it to her as she wasn't sure about eating it. Tonight I woke up and for the first time in four months, I havent had to change the towels I lay on teh bed for her to lay on everynight. She did a smelly fart and I automatically got a bit of tissue to wipe her bum thinking there would be wet poo on it, but nothing. A dry bum. We were cuddled up and she was purring her head off. Just got up to give her another small piee (lightly cooked) and she ate that and did a poo with a bit of blood in it which Im not concerned about at the moment. I expected to see the usual sight (when I got up) of her litter tray covered in poo splats up the sides and over the top onto the kitchen floor by the side of her deep dirt tray but there was nothing. No poo splats. Too soon to tell, but am going to continue with raw lightly cooked at the moment. I cannot quite believe this is going to work yet as too early. But.....
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