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Originally Posted by Kris35 View Post
Yes tried her on a balanced raw diet but she will not touch it.
How did you introduce it? Unfortunately it's quite rare that a cat raised on junk food would take to eating raw right away. Should be done slowly, possibly over many months. Some tips on how, in case you want to revisit that option:

How to Win the Healthy Food Battle with Your Fussy Feline…
How to Win the Healthy Food Battle with Your Fussy Feline – Part 2
How to Transition Your Cat to a Raw Meat Diet

And some info on why it might be a good idea to try raw again:

Originally Posted by Kris35 View Post
Ive done probiotics and have heard of slippery elm but havent tried that. Just dont think it will work anyway but perhaps I could give it a try.
What probiotics did you try? Perhaps she needed something more potent, or with a wider variety of organisms.

As for SEB powder, it may not work in every situation, but it was absolutely the ONLY thing that helped my cat with IBD. It's better than pumpkin because not only does it help equalize moisture balance in the intestines, but it also soothes an irritated digestive tract. I know you said the vet didn't see inflammation on the "stomach scan" (was that an ultrasound?), but I wouldn't take that as gospel that there isn't any. These things aren't always so easy to determine.

Some info on SEB:

Originally Posted by Kris35 View Post
Tried her on Ziwi peak venison but poos still the same. Tried her on James Well change. Now she is on Integra Protect kangaroo and Amaranth as I thought Id try a novel protein and carb.
How long did you try each new food? An elimination diet needs to be consistent (nothing else fed) and prolonged, at least 8 weeks.

Originally Posted by Kris35 View Post
So Ive looked for grain free high quality foods for her and they usually have potato or tomatoes in them.
That's why raw (or even home-cooked, if raw isn't an option right now) can be so awesome. Much more control over the ingredients. (Please don't feed her a vegan food though. I'm also vegan and think it borders on animal abuse when other vegans force their obligate carnivores to adopt the same eating habits.)

Where do you live? Maybe I can think of some commercial foods you could look for.
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