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Hello Kris 35:

I don't mind answering questions at all regarding your situation. Missy's story is a long one, but I'll try the nutshell version.
Missy's problems started with the breeder trying to do us a favour - having Missy spayed and vaccinated at or about the age of three months under less than 3 pounds in weight at the time. She was a very small kitten. According to other vets - both too young and too underweight - to have been spayed and only 48 hours between vaccinations and the spaying. It just completely upset her hormonal, immunal, and digestive systems.
The first vet I had her to for the diarhea problem, put her on antibiotics which didn't work. He prescribed a 2nd round - double the strength and the length of time - and that didn't work either. Our pharmacist didn't have any kind words for the treatment.
Had to find another vet and she was a conventional vet who had issues with the allopathic medicines and had studied homeopathics. She offered the choice of treatment and mentioned at the time that as far as she was concerned, the allopathic method had nothing to offer for the conditions, and there were no medications that would rectify the problem. She did a battery of bloodwork, urine, and stool and it showed major liver problems.
Missy was treated with homeopathics and special homemade diet which eased the problem considerably.
We lost that vet due to an accident leaving me to find another one. Again, the new one had 20 years as allopathic and at that time he was having issues with that. He studied homeopathics. We worked with him and he suggested not to use hard core medications with Missy's situation and that there be no further vaccinations administered. He diagnosed the problem as being Irritable Bowel Disease and suggested raw food diet - he preferred all his patients be on raw food. This helped big time, but twice a year Missy would have a relapse which would end up with diarhea for about 2 weeks and I would treat her with homeopathics and then we'd be okay for about another 6 months.
This went on for several years and we had by this time, become friends with a doctor of homeopathy and a Microbiologist scientist. She went over the issues we were having and at that time, Missy for some reason, refused to eat chicken. She suggested possibly switching to pork with no additives, which seemed to work again as before.
After several years again, I tried her on turkey and she seemed to love it. Then the problems all started again.
Found out it was a protein issue in fowl, we think. It was suggested that she be put on a "one protein" diet or a Hypoallergenic diet. By this time we were back to using conventional vets - no homeopathic ones where we lived - and they were not educated in natural nutrition, as one vet said.
This all happened within the last three months before we moved from a small town to a city. Basically by the time we found out what might have been the main concern - Irritable Bowel Syndrome and not Disease - it was too late for Missy. She turned 12 at the beginning of July and we have the feeling that she knew that something was up with all the packing we were doing, and she knew that she couldn't make a major move with us.
We were in touch with people who have been through a similar situation with their cats and they have been working on Irritable Bowel Disease for years and found out that it was Syndrome, and an allergy to protein. They found they had to keep a very precise diary and that there were other things that could be an issue with treating the problem For instance, certain supplements would cause it to flare and pumpkin will also cause it to flare in some cases, and they had to use Psyllium Seed Husk instead. Another person had the opposite reaction - they could use the pumpkin and not the Psyllium seed - and they were using raw food diets.
The main thing is to get a handle on it as soon as possible. And according to our last vet, if you're going on a Hypoallergenic diet, expect to be at least 2 months and don't administer anything other than the food - no supplements - just food and water.
I can't advise you on Chinese medicines - I don't know anything about them. I do know that herbal medicines have to be properly handled for cats by a knowledgeable person due to the fact that certain ones can be quite harmful as well as helpful when it comes to felines.
There are some homeopathic pellets that can aid in the recovery of the IBS
So much for the "in a nutshell". Hope this is of some value to you. Just holler if I can further assist.
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