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Hi Reg, so sorry to hear about your cat. Can I ask if she was on drugs at any stage? My cat is on steroids and antiobiotics, and we have jsut upped the steroids but Im not keeping ehr on them for long.....well I dont want to anyway. I read the same thing about antibiotics stripping the bacteria, and its something I need to chat to my vet about next week when she has a B12 shot. I dont trust most traditional vets with this sort of thing.

Homeopthic vet - am searching but need to find one that deals with Chinese herbs as suggested above. Isnt it weird how some cats get this problem? I have tried her on so many foods, Ive seriously considered the next food I give her to be vegan (Im a vegan) but dont think that would work. Ive got to that stage where Im thinking of my next food option but Im running out of ideas. Think I might try her on ground turkey and pumpkin.

Tried that before but not for too long. Wish their was a food sensitivity test we could do. Urgh!!! Will let you know how she progresses.

Oh and I know all too well about poo spraying up walls. Good job I love her else it would be driving me mad.....
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