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Originally Posted by Lynne&Co. View Post
That must be uncomfortable for your kitty not to mention worrisome for you. My Papillon gets explosive diarrhea when she is stressed which usually happens on a road trip.......not pleasant for anyone. It can last for days or weeks after the trip regardless of whether the stress is over or not. The only way I've been able to minimize the duration is to fast her for min 12 hours after the first episode and then feed plain white rice. If I don't fast her then the diarrhea continues so I'm thinking the fasting helps her digestive system to recover and heal. There's no way my cat would eat rice so not sure what you could feed your kitty that would be gentle on her system. Maybe plain steamed pieces of chicken breast? Best of luck with your kitty.
You know, I had a stray cat turn up on my doorstep around three years ago and he moved in. My cat doesnt like him and I do think he stresses her out and have often wondered if its his presence that is making her have diarrhea (she sleeps in bed with me and we had three bath towel changes last night). But this only started several months or so ago so way after he joined the family. If I could find somewhere for him to go away for a holiday for a few weeks I would. This is something I should consider actually after reading your post.

Did you say you fed your cat white rice but she wont eat it? Ive been reading about digestive enzymes and am thinking - well as soon as she eats, she squirts it out the other side within a couple of hours and Im wondering if enzymes would help her to digest some food? I will talk to my vet this week as she is having a B12 shot.
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