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Incurable explosive diarrhea

Hi all,

My 16 year old Burmese cat is still very very active and playful. Several months ago she did a huge cowpat poo and collapsed onto her rear end. She couldnt walk for two weeks and after going to see four vets, who didnt know what the problem was, she somehow started to walk again. Now she is running around everywhere and is very lively. But the diarrhea is still the same.

This isnt normal diarrhea (whatever that is). Its explosive. She farts and it goes all over the place. I do have photos but they will make you feel sick. I've never seen anything like it before.

I have tried:

Novel protein diet.
Hypo allergenic diet.
Single protein diet.
Vitality Science (which has an a very high success rate in treating cats with diarrhea).

She has been tested for tf and all other parasites and all have come back ok. She had another blood test last week and my vet told me she has the bloods of a nine year old - all is fine. She also had a stomach scan last week and surprisingly, there was NO inflammation in her intestines.

When she was a kitten she was on a drip for a few days due to diarrhea. Poo samples came back fine. Vets didn't know what the problem was and it was the woman at the local cattery who told me to feed my cat coley, which I did and her diarrhea cleared up. Over the years, I have given her a diet of coley and cat food, and when her poos started to get runny again, I would cut back on the cat food and give her more coley. This would clear her diarrhea up. I read that some cats can become allergic to the protein source they have been fed all their lives, which is why I have tried so many other diets.

At the moment she is on kangaroo and I cook her sweet potato.

She was on a low dose of steroids and antibiotics but we have just increased the dose recently (two days ago). I dont think it is going to help and have no idea what to do or try next.

If I could just sort out the explosiveness and she had just runny poos, that would be a huge step. Even if she lived like that for the rest of her life.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever heard of anything like this?
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