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- can I add a raw egg to Buster's kibble, or is that like feeding raw meat at the same as kibble ?

- One of the things that worries me the most, is that I may have time to feed raw now, but in a couple of years, once we start having kids and stuff, I may not have time. Can you feed raw for awhile then go back to kibble, then back to raw...?
Maybe I could feed raw on weekends, and kibble during the week?
about the raw egg in the kibble, i do that with my boy,s meal once in a while and have seen no problems (scramble raw Omega-3 egg with some yogurt... he loves that). but some dogs don't tolerate raw + kibble mixed, so i would suggest you try it out during the weekend when you are there to monitor his tummy. chances are he'll be fine, but you never know.

and some raw is better than none at all, as long as buster tolerates the weekly switch from kibble to raw, if that is what suits your lifestyle then go for it. some raw feeders leave grain-free kibble out for their dogs to snack on, or use it when they are travelling or board their dogs, etc... life doesn't have to be so black and white.
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