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raw food

I started several years ago giving my tiny chihuahua and my minpin/pom a chicken wing each in the morning. Just a raw chicken wing. they both devoured the whold thing bones and all. Then they had a good quality kibble in the evening. I fed them this for at least a year. My minpin/pom got really fat(she is a real food moocher) I thoght it could be the fat in the chicken skin so eventually after trying several products I settled on a bag of meat patties that I can conveniently cut into the right proportions for the size of dog. These pattis contain fruits, veggies and herbs also. It cost about twenty bucks for twelve patties. that would last for 24 days roughly. I have four dogs now and still feed the same way. My chihuahua is six and a half years old and he has a beautiful shiny coat and really nice teeth. He hasn't had his teeth cleaned yet. My min pin is really obese now and that is another problem. (my other dogs range from thin to normal.
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