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Similar trouble with a Weimaraner

I know this thread is old - I hope someone reads this! I have had the same type of problem with Baloo's nose. He's a 9 yr. old Weimaraner. First it just looked really dry and cracked - I thought it was dried up rawhide, what I usually refer to as "bone nose". Now his nose and upper lip area are crusted and have a green color to them. The areas are also shedding or peeling, and his nose is sounding "stuffy". He also has developed white crusty bumps around both eyes and is scratcing at them to the point of scabbing. I haven't had him to a vet yet, for a few days all the above conditions seemed to be improving, but now have taken a turn for the worse. His behavior, eating and drinking habits are completely normal. I have been rubbing neosporin on the nose and upper lip, but he licks at it (I'm not sure that's healthy) and immediately goes to his water dish to rinse his nose. Any input would be helpful - Thanks!
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