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Any comments would be helpful to my Maggie.. she is a 11 year old corgie/terrier mix, she has not eaten much, for a couple of weeks, she still drinks, her eyes are clear and gums are a good color.. She has been seen by the vet 2 times,the first was a pre-lim diagnosis of intestinal parisites. Maggie was put on 2 antibiotics... a week later and another trip to the vet,this time they took blood for lab work and gave an injection of vitimin B-12 to hopefully stimulate Maggie's appitite......... it helped a little, she still doesnt eat very much, has to be coaxed to eat anything.... the lab work came back, the vet said her white cell count is high, which would indicate an infection, she also said Maggies liver enzyme is high.... does anyone know what this means... I've had put in a call to talk to the vet, but as of this writing she has not called back... she said on a voice mail that Maggie needed some additional antibiotic's... is this gonna clear up her problem? Any ideas? Thanks for any information or support you can give me
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