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Poor little dog. I have an older female, human friend who had similar troubles and in the end () surgery was required. I'm sure your little doggy is not undergoing the embarrassment and travelling difficulties my friend endured but still, she can't be enjoying a proper puppydom.

Guelph is not far from you. There is also a specialty Vet clinic in Mississauga but I'm not sure if they have expertise in that area. I went to the Mississauga one for something else.

Unfortunately it is going to be expensive but I agree that dealing with this once and forever might very well be cheapest in the long run and kinder to little puppy to get it over with and fixed.

What does your health guarantee from your breeder say about compensation? If this is congenital you might get at least some $ to help with your expenses. Good luck with this, hope you can resolve it.
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