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Originally Posted by Zerosmom2 View Post
My biggest problem right now is trying to find a food she can eat. She also has IBD and can't eat anything with grains, guar gum, carageenan or tapioca.
Do you think she'd be willing to try a raw diet? Nature's Variety makes a variety of frozen raw products that are lower in phosphorus and fit the bill for her IBD. There are also other excellent commercial options, or you could make your own if you're up for the challenge.

Do you know what her blood phosphorus levels are? If they're edging up there, perhaps a phosphorus binder would be a good option, especially if she's a picky eater. I'm actually giving my old guy with CKD a couple of renal products from Italy: They're easy to mix with wet food and seem to be pretty palatable. His diet consists of about half raw and half canned. I have to admit, I don't obsess over phosphorus levels too much unless it's a crazy high amount. But his blood phosphorus is still well within normal limits.
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