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That final article was beautiful. Thanks for posting it. Are they all adopted yet?

I would have volunteered, but I have a feral cat who doesn't take kindly to strange cats, and my other cat Ishtar just broke her leg twice in two weeks-- inside the house! We have an split entry house, with an open stairwell. She likes to lie on the top of the sort of divider that's there, and lord over the whole staircase.

The first time was a bad fall and terrible break, major surgery. Then while she was recovering, confined to a small room containing only a futon and a large rug, she managed to break the leg again, and it was one unholy mess. She required another lengthy and very complex surgery. I am now 5000 dollars poorer/in debt. So now, she's confined to a cage for 10 weeks. We're not taking a chance on this breaking again, said the surgeon.

You all suspect that means I take her out of the cage many times a day, holding her in my arms and petting her. She's so bored already, and this is only the end of the second week.
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