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Originally Posted by maneater View Post
2 kids with an adult came up to me and just dove for my dogs

The mother (i am assuming) asked me if the dogs aren't friendly why bring them out???
You should have replied : if your kids don't know how to approach dogs , why take them out ?

It is perfectely ok to tell people to NOT pet your dogs. Those people should ask first if they can ! I'm sure the mom wouldn't have let her kids do this if you were walking a bigger breed ....

That is one problem I don't have when out with Nelly , no one wants to approach her but once at the vet with Sam (golden) while I was paying , I turned around and there was a kid hugging , hanging on from his neck .... parents just let him ! I know I should have tell them that is what wrong and lucky them , Sam just didn't mind but , I was speechless !!!

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