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Need some helpful advice

Hi we just got a one year old ragdoll female, the previous owner told me that she is very timid and will take time to adjust to our home. She has been under our spare bed for two days- I know this is normal, she stays under there and growls and hisses when we enter the room, she comes out at night to eat, i watched he walking round last night she even came in the our room. I decided to just leave her until she decides to interact with us but am worried that she may be getting aggresive. When we enter the room to do something like close the window she will run towards the edge of the bed growling and hissing- I do not know if she is being overly aggressive or if it can be expected, she started off just hiding and growling. She scratched me once when i went to pat her so i am not doing that now but i am worried she will start running at us. is this a sign that she will not settle in or is this as normal as the hiding itself? I really want her to settle in and be part of the family. And she is making progress once she has come out during the day and eaten a few biscuits while i was near by. Please help!
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