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Dog Breeds - introducing cats to dogs

I know this original post is a few years' old, but I'm also in the same situation. I have two cats, Moe & Pie-Pie. Moe is about 17 years old, and Pie-Pie is about 8. Moe is a bit skittish around other animals. He has adjusted to Pie-Pie, but only just :-} I lost both my dogs a few years ago, and I am finally at the point where I am ready for another. I just need some recommendations of breeds to definitely stay away from - those that definitely do not get on well with cats. And I see from this forum that there is some discussion about whether or not it's better to get a puppy versus a dog that has lived with cats. I was thinking about getting a puppy, so that the puppy would adjust to them more easily. But I'm wondering now if if that is the best idea. My plan is to adopt a puppy or dog from my local animal shelter, but I've also noticed from this thread that some of you are of the opinion that rescue dogs are better. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, or can refer me to any other Web sites, books, experts, etc.

Thanks so much!

-Anna G.
Dallas, TX
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