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How to convince my dad to let me have a German Shepherd Dog?

Hi so I've been wanting a German Shepherd for a while. I found an ad in the local paper the had German Shepherd pups for sale for 1500$. I have the money and am very responsible. After about 6 years of begging my parents finally let me purchase a chihuahua and I've been taking great care of her. I also get straight As in school. I showed my mom the ad and talked to her about and she agreed to get a puppy. The only issue is my family already has eight dogs and my dad said no way we have too many dogs. Two of them are old and probably won't hang on much more then a couple years. Another is getting slow and one is a chihuahua and one is my moms dog. One has had four homes so we have too keep her. The other two one is my sisters and one is my dad's fave. So only one of the dogs is really mine, the chihuahua. My family is very active and I was going to teach the German Shepherd to skijor and dog mush. So the only thing standing in my way is my dad. Do any of you have any ideas that would convince him a German Shepherd is a good idea? Please don't say wait until you move out and then get your own dog or anything like that. Thanks in advance!
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